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How to Neti Pot Without a Neti Pot

How to Neti pot without a Neti pot


A netipot is an effective technique to pour salt water into one of your nostrils in order to let it run out of the other one. During this procedure, the mouth is kept open to let the person breathe as we are keeping the nasal ways of breathing closed. It is also known by the name “Jala Neti” and it serves to be the best way of cleansing the nose with saline water. Neti pot serves to be the best way for cleaning one’s sinuses and thus one is likely to look for it when they suffer one such ailment. When neti pot is not available, you can still clean your sinuses or nasal ways using the substitute techniques that we are mentioning here:-

How to Neti pot without a Neti pot

How to Neti Pot Without a Neti Pot

1. Sutra Neti as a Substitute to Neti Pot:-

The traditional neti pot procedure is also accompanied by another neti technique which includes us to use a piece of thread instead of a neti pot. A piece of string or thread is brought into use during this technique to clean the nostrils with it while keeping the mouth open.

2. Use a Tea-Pot with Nozzle:-

Most of us use tea pots or kettle in our houses which have a narrow mouth in the form of a pipe to enable us to pour tea from it. You can bring this kettle or pot in use when neti pot is not available as even it will enable you to pour a controlled amount of saline water in one of your nostrils for doing the neti process.

3. Use a Water Pouring Jug:-

Some water pouring jugs also come with a pouring pipe fitted on their top surface and thus you can also bring them in use for this purpose. Besides this if no such utensil is available, just use a dropper or empty eye drop bottle to fill it up with saline water and spray it in your nostrils while squeezing the bottle for neti process.

4. Use a Water Pipe:-

There is one other approach which can be followed for neti process but you can find difficulty while doing this and thus every sort of care should be taken while doing this. Take a thin pipe first and insert one of its ends in one of your nostrils. Put the other end down in the glass containing saline water and now try to suck up air slowly with one of your nostrils from pipe while keeping the other nostril closed. The water will flow upside from pipe and it will reach your nose cleaning it up. You can remove your finger from the other nostril meanwhile to let the water come out from it.

5. Use Nasal Aspirator:-

A nasal aspirator can also be purchased from one of the nearest medical stores to fill it up with a mixture of salt water to bring it in use for neti process. Just close the lid, shake the solution and squirt it in one of your nostrils letting it out of the other one.


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