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How to Negotiate Selling Price of a Home

How to Negotiate Selling Price of a Home


To negotiate selling price of a home means to have a conversational dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a beneficial outcome of reduced selling price which in turn makes you able to purchase that particular home at a reduced cost.  The selling party won’t ever make their loss, but surely they will reduce the surplus amount that was expected to take from you and thus both the parties get benefited. It is a kind of bargain where you negotiate for a better outcome. In order to negotiate the selling price of a house, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Negotiate Selling Price of a Home

How to Negotiate Selling Price of a Home

1. Find a Person of Knowledge or Contacts:-

You can’t negotiate on a particular piece of property till you are not fully acknowledged about it. When we are dealing in real estate, a small percentage of fall in property prices means a decrease in price of property in terms of lakhs of rupees. If you are fully acknowledged about the current price limit and future price limit related with a piece of property, you can make a better deal on its sales and thus we advise you to find a person of knowledge or contacts to make a better negotiation on the selling price of a home.

2. Tell Him about the Downfall of Prices in the Market:-

If you are aware about the name of any person who has recently purchased a home within the same area, you can give example of that person to the dealer asking him to reduce the price to some extent reminding him about the rate that the other person has paid him. If you are aware about the prices of that area and if the broker is asking you for a high rate than that amount, you can remind him about the downfall of prices in the market to negotiate better with him.

3. Deal with a Good Agent:-

I know we always find the best agent to make a deal. I am not making a taunt on you here, but I am trying to make you understand how the real estate market runs. There will be a main seller of a particular property and then there will be multiple agents and sub-agents related with him. Now each of these agents and sub-agents works for the main seller in return for a suitable commission amount.

If you reach the main seller, he will be able to agree on your words of negotiation as when you reach him directly, he won’t have to pay any commission to the agents and sub-agents, but if you reach an agent or sub-agent instead of the main seller, they won’t be able to agree on your proposal of negotiation as property does not directly belong to them and instead they are just working for commission. You should deal only with a main seller or a main agent avoiding sub-agents in order to make better negotiation on prices of your dream home.

4. Meet the First Party directly:-

You should meet the first party directly for making bargains or in order to negotiate upon prices.  You should never let the middlemen befool yourself as he will always be using butter sprinkled words to befool you for a commission. Just be familiar with the value of property being purchased and purchase it only the seller has agreed to give it to you on right price.


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