How to Negotiate on a Lease Break Agreement

How to Negotiate On a Lease Break Agreement


Breaking a lease makes the landlord forced to go for re-renting the place. A lease is basically a contract by which one of the party conveys a piece of land, property, services etc. to the other party for a specified interval of time in return of a periodic payment. Now, as this contract lasts for a fixed term, say one year or two years or ten years, it gets ended with the end of this period, but when in any case either of the parties breaks this lease, a loss is likely to occur with the other party’s side which is why they are likely to go for a lease break agreement. Now in order to negotiate on this agreement, you can adopt the following tips for better negotiation:-

How to Negotiate On a Lease Break Agreement

How to Negotiate on a Lease Break Agreement

1. Ask the Landlord That He Can Re-rent the Property:-

The best way to negotiate on a lease break agreement is to ask the landlord that he can e-rent the property. Remind him that by re-renting the property, you both won’t meet any kind of loss and rather you both will earn profit only.

2. Convey Him about Your Jeopardy:-

Obviously, when you have broken the agreement, there must have been some reason after it. You can convey this reason to him asking him to be soft with your condition. If instead the landlord has broken the agreement, you should try to understand his jeopardy as there must be a solid reason behind this.

3. Find another Party for Them:-

In most of the cases a landlord will acclaim that he is currently not having any party interested in living on rent on his property. In such cases, you should try your best to find another party for him and when you find one such party, it will get easier for you to negotiate on lease break agreement with the landlord.

4. A Proposal of Less Loss:-

There is always a proposal of less loss available with every deal. Just ask the landlord to adopt a way in which you don’t meet any loss and even he does not meet any loss. Finding such a way makes it better for both of you to negotiate on a lease break agreement.

5. Talk with a Commercial Real Estate Broker:-

If there is a commercial real estate broker in your knowledge, just go and meet him. Laws related to lease break agreement are best of knowledge of such people and they also know the mid way rules to take you out of such situations. If you know such a person, just go and meet him. He will surely have a way of escape, helping you out of this situation.

6. Make Him Reminded About Your Friendly Relations and Respect:-

Sometimes, soft spoken words can really do miracles. For example, if your landlord is really going negative with the break of lease, just remind him of the fact that you respect him and he has been cooperative enough within the period of your stay. Remind him about the friendly relations that you have shared within this time and I can assure that he will show some softness with your proposal of negotiation for sure.


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