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How to Negotiate After Home Inspection

How to Negotiate After Home Inspection


Home inspection is done either while purchasing a new house or in order to determine the level of repair needed at any point of time.  Most of the real estate deals are negotiated at the time of dealing contract and most of the people who look for negotiating after a home inspection are either the buyers or the sellers. If we can come out with a proposal which is beneficial for both the parties, it can be possible for us to negotiate better on this issue. In order to negotiate after a home inspection, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Negotiate After Home Inspection

How to Negotiate After Home Inspection

1. Find Faults in the Construction:-

When you go for an inspection, note down the faults in construction. Check out the weakness of wall by knocking it in order to check if it is solid one or if it has been repaired with a wall putty to serve as a temporary repair which will go off after some time. Check if walls are prone to moisture and also check the other faults in construction so that you may be able to put them forward while negotiating.

2. Tell Them You Were Expecting More:-

Convey the seller an idea that you were expecting more and that you are not quite sure if you are going to sign the contract or not. Ask him that you can think of purchasing the house if he agrees to your words of negotiation as you should get it for a less price because it does not meet your expectations.

3. Never Show Interest in the Interiors that they give you:-

Never show an interest in the interiors that they give you. In most of the modern day cities established by the builders and constructions companies, people prefer to make the interior decoration themselves and thus you can also convey them the idea that you are not satisfied with the interiors and even if you agree to the contract, you will have to spend a great amount on the interior decoration which is why they should adjust the price.

4. Watch Out the Places like Bathroom and Balcony Etc:-

Watch out the places like bathroom and balcony etc to find the repairable faults in them. You can put these forward in front of the seller to negotiate better with him afterwards. If you are the rightful owner of the house and instead you just wish to negotiate on the repair price, getting all the stuff repaired in one go can make you negotiate better on repair costs.

5. Never Give Them a Clue about What You Carry In Your Wallet:-

Never give the other person a clue about what you have in your wallet. Follow the same approach what we follow in vegetable market. Just say “I am sorry that I don’t have the money what you are asking for but I can surely go for the contract if you adjust the prices a bit”. The seller will agree with your words of negotiation if he is really in need to sell that house.


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