How to Negotiate a Raise at Work

How to Negotiate a Raise at Work


Negotiating a raise at work includes all what can make you get an increment or a promotion because of your achievements and this option is possible even in the not so flourished economies. In order to negotiate a raise, you just need to bring about an attention of your department towards the efforts that you have made for the company and the way it got benefited because of your efforts. There is always a hope for negotiation on a raise at work till you are working hard. In order to negotiate a raise at work, you can follow the following steps:-

How to Negotiate a Raise at Work

How to Negotiate a Raise at Work

1. Prepare a list of all what you have accomplished:-

First of all prepare about the list of all what you have accomplished for the firm.  Manage a log of all what you have achieved in this position and make a record/list of all what you have achieved about for your firm. This can include the ways applying which you have boosted the company sales, the way you accomplished a particular project and the way it bought about a company out from a particular situation.

2. Compare the salary and talk about offers you have been asked for:-

Compare the salary that you get currently with the salary that you could get with your experience in any other such similar firm. Tell your boss exactly how much you would like to get paid. Know what others in the same field are getting paid and what your position worths. When you know all this, we can make better negotiations.

3. Negotiation is not just in the terms of money or promotion:-

Negotiation can’t be just made on the terms of money or position, but if the company is going through a bad or tough time, you can negotiate with the company officers in terms of raising of your post or position. A raise does not always come in the terms of dollars and thus before making a negotiation, you should exactly determine what kind of raise you are expecting. If it is in terms of money or if it is in terms of promotion.

4. Bring Their Attention towards a Mutual Benefit:-

Bring the attention of company board towards a mutual benefit that you can achieve.  Tell them that you are facing tough time and they should increase about your salary keeping your accomplishments in mind. Tell them that they can handle you with any tough project and you will accomplish it like any other projects you have accomplished earlier. This will make the members think that there is a mutual benefit of both the parties and thus they will surely agree with your words of negotiation.

5. If Your Request Is Turned Down:-

If your request is turned down because of any reason, it either means that the company is still not satisfied with your accomplishments or may be that even the company is undergoing financial crisis.

In such a time, just reach the board office and ask them what can be done. They will either ask you to wait for a proper time or they will hand you over with another project. You can ask them for the raise of your post once you fulfill all the accomplishments.


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