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What do u Need to be a Homicide Detective

How to Become a Homicide Detective


Homicide means the cases of home based killings and a homicide detective means a detective who solves home based murder cases. A homicide detective first investigates the case and then comes to a conclusion that who has got the hands behind the murder mystery. These types of detectives are generally hired for the cases of assassinations and planed murders in homes. In order to become a homicide detective, you need nothing but to follow some tips that we are mentioning here for you.

What do u Need to be a Homicide Detective (6 Steps) - HowFlux

What do u Need to be a Homicide Detective

1. Complete your schooling:-

In order to become a homicide detective, you will first of all need to complete your schooling and that too with good marks. Simply learn up all the basics that the school teaches you so as to get admitted to some good graduation or professional course. You may also choose to appear in several entrance tests for the desired graduation based universities as well.

2. Get graduated:-

After the schooling has been completed, you are advised to get graduated either with a professional degree if the country you live in has got specialized institutes for this field or else you may choose to go for some other bachelor’s degree like law as well.

3. Start making practice under some professional:-

After you have taken the desired knowledge, there comes a time to get requisite training. This can be done by starting to do practice for it under some professional who is dealing much earlier in this field. You may choose to serve him as an assistant or as an intern. Both the ways will make you trained.

4. Make research on everything, including guns and guts both:-

Being a homicide detective, you may have to visit such a places that might look like a havoc to you. The person who has done a murder might even choose to attempt killing you as well in order to clean up the proofs that you have found about him and thus you need to be aware about both guns as well as guts. You should know how to do self-defense as well as there must be enough guts in you that make you tackle any of the adverse situations associated with it as well.

5. Contact the local police to be hired:-

It has been seen that most of the countries include the local police to hire these detectives and thus you may need to contact them after getting trained so as to get some case for yourself. The heads of these departments might show an interest in your voice if they have got some case for you to solve or else you might even request the person under whom you practiced it as to give you some case to deal with.

6. State or federal government based contacts:-

In some of the countries, these types of deals are done by the state or federal government and the detectives are hired up by the officials of these government bodies only. You may choose to make visits to the respective offices time to time so as to get hired. The most important is to make contacts. The more contacts you will have, the easier it will be for you to get hired.


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