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6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ear Infection

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ear Infection


The infection that takes place in ears of an individual can be referred to as an ear infection and this happens probably because of the bacteria or virus infestation. The build up of wax or food allergies or genetics etc may be the probably reason behind the occurrence of this infection in your case and if you are experiencing it, you may choose to follow the tips we are mentioning here for this purpose.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ear Infection

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ear Infection

1. Make Usage of Garlic and Basil Juice: –

Juice up some Garlic and Basil and make usage of this juice with affected area if ears. Both these veggies are rich in antimicrobial properties and natural pain relieving qualities which makes these juices a must for infection of ears. Sometimes even some salt added will do much for this purpose and regarding the ear cleanliness, you are advised to make usage of some dry cotton ball so as to get the ear wax removed after bathing regularly.

2. A Dilute Portion of Apple Cider Vinegar:-

The apple cider vinegar that we make usage of in our homes can really make us get relieved of the infection of ears. Simply take a portion of apple cider vinegar and dilute it with water. Make usage of this solution on the affected area and you will get sorted. Apple cider vinegar can be easily made at home with apple and cider as an ingredient.

3. Application of Olive Oil:-

Olive oil, which is a kitchen ingredient and is used by most of us while cooking can be bought in use so as to cure ear infection. Simply heat up some of it and let it cool. Put two drops of it in your ears and massage the upper area of your ears with it. You will soon get rid of ear infection.

4. Put Some Ear Drops In The Ears:-

Ear drops are the chemical based formulation that you may find available with every leading medical store. These ear drops can be bought in use so as to get rid of ear infection. Simply make usage of it so as to put two-three drops of it in your ears daily and you will get relieved soon.

5. Some Mild Hot Mustard Oil:-

Just like you did with olive oil, the same can be done with mustard oil as well. Simply heat it up in a pan, let it get cooled and put a few drops of it your ears. This should be done once a week so as to maintain ear health.

6. Fix an Appointment with an Ear Specialist:-

In case the normal remedies do not prove to be beneficial, you may choose to fix an appointment with an ear specialist and make usage of it so as to get rid of ear problems. The doctor might even recommend you some pills for this purpose as well. Disinfectant liquid on the outer portion of ears can also be applied using cotton avoiding it to enter the ear passage.


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