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6 Natural Ways For Removing Whiteheads

Natural Ways For Removing Whiteheads


Whiteheads can be taken as something that occurs along with acne and these are simply the comedones that get formed when the dead skin cells get logged within the skin pores and get stick with the skin oil. The hair follicles get blocked and the person meets blackheads this way. These develop mostly on the areas of chin and nose and are characterized by white color and this is why they are named as whiteheads. In case you are experiencing them with your skin, you may choose to follow the tips we are mentioning here.

Natural Ways For Removing Whiteheads

6 Natural Ways For Removing Whiteheads

1. Walnut Scrub for whitehead elimination:-

I think walnuts scrub is the most perfect thing that you can bring home so as to remove the whiteheads from your face as even I had met whiteheads problem few months ago and my mother gifted me a pack of walnut scrub that I had to massage on the affected area with my fingers in a rotating manner. The whiteheads vanished within just two weeks of application thanks to the walnut scrub.

2. Steam contact of Face to remove whiteheads:-

Another approach that may prove beneficial to you in case you have got whiteheads on your face is the steam based approach. Simply make use of steam therapy so as to cover your head with a towel and then let steam from water come in contact with your face. This approach is equally effective as any scrub and does not have any side effects as well provided you maintain a safe distance from steam.

3. Orange Peel Face pack for better skin:-

Take out the outer covering of oranges by peeling it up with a vegetable peeler and then dry it up in the sun’s rays. The dried out orange peel should then be converted to powder form and this powder should be used as a face pack mixing it up with some cream or honey.

4. Application of Toothpaste:-

The toothpaste that you use daily on your teeth so as to maintain the oral health can also prove to be helpful in reducing the whiteheads as well. Simply take out some of it from the toothpaste tube and massage it over the portion of skin that has got whiteheads on it regularly and you will get benefited for sure against this skin problem.

5. Fuller’s Earth or Clay Mask:-

The fuller’s earth, which is the soil from Multan, can be bought in use after converting it in powder form to be applied as a face pack to get rid of whiteheads on your skin. In case fuller’s earth is not available, you may also choose to go for the clay mask as well.

6. Baking Soda, Lemon Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar:-

All the three things mentioned in this heading are equally beneficial against whiteheads. Apple cider vinegar should be diluted with water before application on affected area and same should be done with the baking soda while the lemon juice can be applied directly on the affected skin area to get rid of whiteheads.


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