6 Natural Way to Get Rid of Red Blemishes on Face

Get Rid of Blemishes on Face


Blemishes may be taken as sign of aging or the skin phenomenon that results due to the lack of care of skin. Often the colorless patches get developed on skin when the less care is taken with skin or even when you are getting older, you may experience blemishes. Blemishes may look OK to an old aged person, but still to a young lady, these can really be a trouble as these spoil the entire looks and this is why people seek to go for the ways that can help them get rid of it. In case you also need to achieve the same, you may choose to go for the tips we are mentioning here.

6 Natural Way to Get Rid of Red Blemishes on Face

Natural Way to Get Rid of Red Blemishes on Face

1. Skin cleansing with lemon:-

It has been seen that lemon proves to be the best skin cleanser in case you have got blemishes on your face. Slice up the lemon in two parts and make the usage of those slices to be rubbed against skin and make it get cleansed this way.

2. Skin scrubbing:-

To scrub up the skin may be a perfect idea in case you have experienced blemishes. Scrubbing should be done in a perfect way so as to get added benefits. Make usage of your fingers applying the facial scrub on your skin rubbing it in a circular motion and see the results yourself.

3. Anti-blemishes creams:-

There are certain anti blemishes formulated creams available on all the leading medical stores these days. Simply bring one of these medications home and make usage of it to be applied regularly on the affected skin area to get the desired results. These formulations are rather cheaply available on all medical stores, but it is better if you consult a dermatologist first before making a purchase so as to avoid any unfortunate side effects.

4. Have some fuller’s earth applied to face:-

Fuller’s earth which is basically a type of clay from Multan can be bought in use so as to get rid of blemishes. Simply take some of it in powdered form and make usage of it to be applied regularly on the affected skin area and you will get rid of blemishes for sure this way.

5. Make usage of honey plus glycerin face pack:-

Mix a portion of honey and glycerin with some sugar and make usage of this paste daily to be applied on the affected ski9n area with blemishes on it. This will make you get rid of the blemishes in a better way, leaving a clear and picture perfect skin.

6. Meet a dermatologist:-

Above all the approaches, it is still better if you meet a dermatologist. He will tell you all the possible ways that can make you get rid of blemishes. This might cost you some bucks but your skin will get back to normal once again. Ask him for the laser treatment as well and ask if there is some possible medication that can reduce your expenses and make it easily happen in your case.


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