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12 Natural Remedies For Piles Treatment

Natural Treatment For Piles


1. Eating bananas :- eat bananas if you are suffering from piles as bananas are a good laxative and if taken twice a day become an effective natural remedy to treat piles. ripe bananas can also be consumed after boiling them to be free of piles.

12 Natural Remedies For Piles Treatment - HowFlux

Natural Remedies For Piles Treatment

2. Butter milk made from curd that gets sour with pouring of salt and a dash of lime can prove to be a natural or home made treatment to piles. home made curd with mustard sprinkled on it can also prove to be an effective alternative in this direction.

3. a mixture of ginger and honey can be consumed to keep the system cool and away from toxins. radish juice or juice of turnip leaves can be consumed regularly being a natural option to treat piles.

4. Whole grain cereals must be consumed to be free from piles i.e. boiled rice can be eaten in addition to boiled ripe bananas and curd to be away from piles.

5. onion juice can be added to water along with some sugar to be away from piles.

6. mango seeds in a powdered form can be consumed with honey to treat piles as a natural option. baking soda can be applied on the swollen veins of the person to reduce the inflammation caused by the piles.

7. carrot juice and beet root juice can be drunk to treat piles naturally or the extracted juice and gauze may be applied on the swollen veins.

8. warm olive oil can also be applied to get relieved from piles. Aloe juice can be taken by the person to get some relief from piles as a natural treatment option.

9. Drops from the Latex of banyan tree along with the milk can be helpful to treat piles if they are consumed on a regular basis.

10. juices from the flowers of tarmind may also serve to heal pile wounds if they are taken on a regular basis.

11. black berries may be consumed along with grapes to cure piles or strawberries may even prove effective in this direction. These berries cure the inflammation to that person because of piles.

12. Veggies and fruits come up with the ability to cure piles naturally. veggies and fruits like papaya, cabbage and colcasia can prove to be of much benefit to the person suffering from piles.

and last but not the least Water is easily accessible everywhere and acts as a free medicine to treat piles in most of the person naturally.  one must consume enough water as much as he can to treat piles avoiding the foods that are rich in spices.


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