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6 Natural Home Remedy for Kennel Cough

Natural Home Remedy for Kennel Cough


Well, as we all know that kennel is a place where a dog lives, the kennel cough is a type of coughing that takes place when exposed to a kennel. Sometimes you may see your dog trying to cough that may be because of some irritation, well this is what we refer to as the kennel cough. Kennel cough is a result of an infection that takes place in the upper respiratory tract and if you are experiencing the same in case of your dog, you may choose to go for the approaches that we are mentioning here.

Natural Home Remedy for Kennel Cough

Natural Home Remedy for Kennel Cough

1. Garlic Juice + Lemon Juice:-

Take some garlic in a juicer and juice it up. Squeeze a half lemon slice into this juice and give it to your dog. This will help the dog get relieved against the problem of kennel cough up to much extent. If the dog seems to avoid this juice because of the lemony flavor, you may choose to add some sugar to it as well.

2. Vacuum Cleaning of The Kennel:-

The exposed allergens or the agents that the kennel has got in it can even sometimes become a reason for the dog to experience coughing and thus in this type of situations, you are advised to go for proper vacuum cleaning of the kennel so as to make everything get vacuum removed and thus get rid of the agents that may add to the problem.

3. Add Cinnamon to the Pet’s Food:-

The pet’s food can be added with powdered cinnamon, so as to make him get rid of the kennel cough problem. Simply add it to the pedigree or add it to the dog’s milk or any other dish that you make for the dog so as to make it get digested by the dog even without letting it know about it.

4. Make the Dog Bath in Hot Water:-

Sometimes even letting the dog bath in hot water can also help you a lot in this direction. If the dog seems coughing, just heat the water till it gets Luke Warm and then make the dog, bathe in this water so as to get rid of the kennel cough problem.

5. Herbal Approaches:-

There are some herbal home remedies for kennel cough problem as well. These include certain types of herbs to be given to the dog so as to make it get rid of the problem that it is suffering from. You may first of all consult these herbs from an herbs specialist and then these may be added to the dog’s diet so as to get benefited.

6. Basil in the Food:-

Basil, which is a holy Indian medicinal plant proves to be as effective for dogs as it does to the humans. Simply take some basil leaves, add them to the dog’s milk while boiling it or add the juice from those leaves to the dog’s food so as to make it get rid of the kennel cough problem.


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