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How to Make Natural Dog Food for Puppies

How to Prepare Dog Food for Puppies


Puppies are future’s dogs and if you wish to make your pup become a strong dog when it grows up, you should take great care of its food as well. Unlike humans who are fed with mother’s milk for as more as three long years, puppies are made bereft of their mothers at a very small age, say. 10-12 days after birth and at this stage, it is very crucial to take great care of that puppies as a lack of nutrition always invites lack of proper health. In such cases you can make homemade food for your puppies with your hands and thus to help you with the same, Here we are mentioning a list of food ideas for you to feed and treat your puppies.

How to Make Natural Dog Food for Puppies

How to Make Natural Dog Food for Puppies

1. A Pup Is Never Veg or Non-Veg:-

I own a dog kennel and it is my personal experience that no dog is born veg or non-veg. It is we who teach him the food habits. If you belong to a vegetarian family, you can feed the puppy with vegetarian diet and if your family is a non vegetarian one, you can feed the pup with boneless chicken or meat.

2. Feed It with Cerelac:-

Cerelac is one of the cereals that a human baby is fed with. You can get a pack of cerelac cereal from any medical store. This cereal proves to be an awesome choice for feeding your pet puppy. Once you feed it with cerelac, it starts gaining growth like anything. You can feed your pup with milk, home based cereals and simply every other homemade stuff that you eat.

3. Pedigree or Dog Biscuits/Cereals:-

These days, Most of the kennels feed their dogs and puppies with pedigree as it is a complete diet for every dog and pup. Most of pedigree flavors are based on meat and chicken content along with the cereal content which proves better for every foreign breed. The vegetarian pedigree actually has no taste and thus pups and dogs prefer it less as compared to the non-veg flavor pedigree.

4. Treat Him with Home Made Cereals:-

The home made cereals that humans eat do no damage to puppies as well. You can mix the home made cereals with milk for your puppy to eat, but only if it is more than one month in age. If your puppy is ten to twelve in age, you should provide it only with milk.

5. Keep in Mind the Nutritional Needs:-

You can consult a vet expert or a dog specialist in order to consult them about the diet for a specific breed. If you wish to make your dog wild or you have kept it in your house for intruders, you can feed it with flesh, but if you have a baby in your house, the puppy should never be fed with flesh at all.

6. Both Raw and Cooked:-

Both raw and cooked food does great for puppies and they relish both the kind of foods with an equal taste. You can treat your puppy with varying diet sometimes offering it a change of diet at weekends cooking some special dish or cereal for it.


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