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Myopia Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Myopia Treatment And Diagnosis


Diagnosis of myopia:-

Myopia is better if diagnosed at an early stage as if the child is not able to see well at a distance , he or she may suffer both socially and academically. The best way and the simplest one to diagnose myopia is to go for an eye chart examination. A person with myopia in his eyes can easily read the eye chart for near reading while has a trouble in seeing the chart meant for distance viewing.

Myopia Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Myopia Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Moreover the diagnose may go for other approaches also like the general examination of eyes of the individual or the standard ophthalmic examination or the retinal examination may even be practiced to diagnose the individual . Test for color blindness or test of color vision may even be practiced.

Prevention of myopia:-

There is no way found yet to prevent myopia from happening but dilating eye drops have been supposed to slow down the progress of myopia in the children though never proven to be an effective approach.

The usage of contact lens or the glasses can only focus the light to the myopic person and make him see the distant objects much clear than before but they don’t actually cure him, they just adjust the light coming to his eyes. Thus the usage of lens or glasses does not affect the progress of myopia in any sense and the usage of glasses with a hard lens may hide the progression of the disease but it is still likely to get worsened under the lenses.

Treatments of myopia:-

The treatment of myopia generally includes the correction or adjustment of the eye focus by refocusing the light rays on the retina of the person.

The approaches involved in this process being :-

Eye glasses or contact lenses :- being the simplest and the most common treatment for myopia, this approach is likely to make the person see the distant objects clearly adjusting the focus of the retina and make him see the objects clearly.

Surgery :- the approach like surgery can prove to be much expensive in some of the areas and may be more risky than the first option mentioned.

The surgery of eyes generally involves the usage of laser for the treatment to remove the small tissues from the cornea part of the eyes of the person.


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