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How to Mute Your Phone on WebEx

How to Mute Your Phone on WebEx


WebEx is collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing and video conferencing facility equipped application which proves really beneficial for office purposes.  All WebEx products are a product of Cisco collaboration portfolio and most of them are related to office and conferencing usage. When you are using a phone with WebEx while conferencing with one of your business partners or company mates, you are likely to look for the features to mute/unmute yourself like that you do while physically calling someone through your phone and in order to do the same with WebEx, you can follow these simple tips:-

How to Mute Your Phone on WebEx

How to Mute Your Phone on WebEx

1. Sign In With Your Meeting Number and Email:-

When you download the WebEx application, the very first difficulty that you face is the sign in option. You get displayed with two options just after opening the application. One of these applications asks you if you wish to join a meeting and other one asks you to make a sign-in.  In order to make a sign-in, you will need your E-mail ID as well as the site URL while in order to get connected with a meeting, you will need a meeting number or URL as well as your Email id. Once you fill these details, you can easily join a particular meeting or conference with WebEx.

2. You get the options in WebEx meeting center:-

When you open Cisco WebEx meeting center, you will come across some icons depicted at the top of screen. A menu gear will also be present on the same screen of your mobile with several menu options in it. Now when the application reminds you about any meeting and you click the “Join” button to join in that meeting, you can make the conference muted or unmated by reaching the participant’s list and by clicking the mute or unmute icon.

3. You get mute or Unmute Icon Depicted against Your Name:-

When you are in any chat, there is a list of participants depicted in the same chat participant’s list, which gets opened once you click the contact icon provided at the top portion of screen. The names in this list will be like the name of host, your name and then the name of other participants. Now all you have to do is to find your name from this list and find the mute/unmute option provided against it.

4. Click the Option to Make Changes:-

You will have any one amongst these icons depicted against your name in the participant’s list. I.e.
which stands for not muted and  which stands for muted. Now if you see  sign against your name in participant list, you can tap it with your finger in order to make it muted and the sign will get itself changed to.

5. Use the Same Options within Any Part of the Meeting:-

Within any part of the meeting, you can increase or decrease the volume of your mobile by pressing the volume buttons provided or you can mute or unmute your meeting with the same mute/unmute icon provided in the participant’s list. You can do this at the start of your meeting and you can do this anywhere else within the meeting time as well.


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