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How to Mute Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones Windows

How to Mute Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones in Window-7?


Windows-7 is a version of windows operating system from Windows-NT windows family of operating Systems and it is one of the best operating systems from Microsoft with menu options not in the form of tiles and with option for the start menu present at the very bottom left corner of the screen. There is a dedicated option for speakers and sound provided at the bottom panel of this windows version and you can locate it from control panel as well. In order to mute speakers of your system while keeping headphones switched on in a window-7 installed laptop or computer, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Mute Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones in Window-7?

How to Mute Laptop Speakers

1. Click Start Menu and Find Control Panel:-

In windows-7, sound options and sound devices are available in the control panel which can be located by making a click over start menu, then clicking the all programs option and then clicking the option for control panel. Now once you click control panel, you will see an option for “hardware and sound” clicking which you can make changes with the sound of your device.

2. Click Sound Options:-

Here in this menu, you can locate the option for sound which will be third in number after the option for devices and printers and auto play option. There will be three sub options with the option for sound and one out of these options will be option to adjust system volume, the other will be to change system sounds and the third will be to manage audio devices. By clicking the “Adjust System Volume” option, you can reduce of increase the sound of your speakers as well as the sound of your system. By clicking the change system sounds option, you can change system tones and by clicking the third sub option reading “Manage audio devices”, you can enable or disable the audio devices.

3. Under Playback Option, Disable the Speaker: –

Now the problem that arrives here is that we have to make changes within the playback option as this is the option where we can disable speakers but as we disable the speakers, it disables the headphone as well. I would advise you not to disable the speaker first and instead you should download headphone drivers for your system first of all. When you download the headphone drivers for your laptop, an icon for headphones or earphones will also get listed within the same option.

4. Make Changes within the Audio Devices in ‘Playback” Option:-

Now when the option for earphones gets added in the same menu, we can click the playback option again to disable speakers from there but the headphones will still be active. We can mute other sounds from communication option afterwards and play any kind of song that we wish listening it through the earphones and not with the speakers within same time.

5. From Where to Find Sound Drivers for Headphone:

Reach your laptop company’s web page in order to download drivers for sound or any device that you install in it. You can even look for such drivers on websites like filehippo or any other such website that deals with drivers and computer based applications.


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