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Why You Must Stop Eating Beef

Reasons why you should stop eating beef


Would you like it if someone just chops down your head and eats up your meat? Well beef is a meat derived from bovines, especially from cattle. This can include the meat of bulls, cows, and heifers and even steers. It is chopped down in the short ribs and roasts or steaks and then is served after processing. Beef is third most widely consumed meat forms in the world.  There are a large number of people who eat this meat despite of being aware of the fact that it is derived from cattle and there are also some other people who do not know from where it came but still prefer to eat it. Beef eating affects your life with many adverse effects. If you make yourself familiar with all these negative effects of beef eating, it will get easier for you to leave eating this kind of meat.

Why You Must Stop Eating Beef

Why You Must Stop Eating Beef

1. Tell yourself about the Loss of Life it makes:-

The best way to tell yourself that you need to stop eating beef is to remind yourself about the loss of life that it makes to innocent cattle animals. Endless animals are slaughtered daily in order to make meat based products boiling them up alive in boiling water. Some are even chopped alive. Once you start sympathizing with these animals, you won’t be able to eat beef as well.

2. Tell yourself about the Toxic Chemicals That It Is Rich In:-

Beef has been reported to contain significant quantities of toxic organic chemical components in it. One such chemical content is dioxin, which is linked to health issues such as cancer, fatigue, endometriosis, deficiency of the immune system and other such health issues like blood disorders and cell damage. Once you tell yourself the harmful effects of toxic chemicals that beef is rich in, you would easily be able to quit its consumption.

3. The Dangers of Eating Processed Food:-

Beef is generally made in a processed manner. Processed food items are always bad for your heart as they make your heart weak and prone to heart attacks as well as other such heart diseases. Such food items rather also result in a decreased immunity and make you prone to multiple health disorders. If you wish to live longer, you should stop consuming beef.

4. It makes you obese:-

Obesity is one of the side effects that eating beef makes you experience. Obesity also adds to diseases like diabetes and other such health problems and once you get obese, several other health issues also start arriving or occurring in your body. It is better to quit eating beef than to spend endless money later-on to get rid of obesity resulted from it.

5. To stop cattle disturbances that it creates:-

The production of beef causes desertification around the world in a way that it causes a rapid degradation of marginal as well as low rainfall soils into the desert. The hoofs of cattle are pounded for beef production which results in this desertification. One can leave eating beef to save him from living in a desertified world as well.

6. To Safeguard Yourself against Hindu Religion Riots:-

If you are from a country with one of its religions being the Hindu religion such as India, you are sure to experience many troubles because of beef eating. The cow protection squads as well as animal protection rights agencies and organizations like PETA keep on dodging you, taking you as the one who is against animal rights. Hindu religion takes cow as holy mother and once you are seen eating beef at such places, the atmosphere can turn into an atmosphere of fight, bloodshed and riots. It is thus better to quit beef.


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