How to Memorize the Muscles of the Human Body

How to Memorize the Muscles of the Human Body


Talking about the smallest unit of the human body, it is a cell. Many cells come together to form a tissue and many tissues form together a muscle. If you are planning to enter the field of healthcare and medicine, you should obviously memorize the names of all muscles in body as you would be asked about them in various competitive and entrance level examinations. There are many kinds of muscles in human body and thus it is not possible for everyone to memorize their names or to cram their names in one go. You need dedication as well as devotion and a little bit of tricks to learn the names of these muscles. Here are some tips which will help you during the same:-

How to Memorize the Muscles of the Human Body

How to Memorize the Muscles of the Human Body

1. Play Poke a Muscle Game:-

Muscle name learning games like “Poke a Muscle” can be played online in order to learn the names of human body muscles. This game has been designed in such a manner that it enables you to learn the major superficial muscles of your body while playing a simple poking game. You learn something better when it is taught in the form of a game and thus you can play this game in order to learn the names of your muscles.

2. Develop a Connection with Your Body:-

Develop a healthy kind of connection with muscles of your body by learning their names connecting them with yourself. Just get naked and take a pen to mark the names of muscles located within specific parts of your body. Now look at each and every body part with the names of muscles written on it and try to cram the names. You are sure to learn them easier like this.

3. Make a Chart and Paste It in Your Room:-

Just make a chart with a human body structure drawn on it. This chart can be kept as longer as you can. If the sheet is not of desired length, you can make separate charts for separate parts of the body depicting the names of muscles located within each of these areas. Paste this chart in your room and keep looking at it whenever you leave or enter the room. When you do so, you can easily memorize the names of each muscle located within your body in a better way.

4. Write, Cram, Write, and Repeat:-

Write, cram, write and repeat. I know it is not a gym trainer’s class but still you can get benefited a lot if you follow the same approach. We are able to grasp anything better if we practice it in writing. You can also manage to write and cram the names of such muscles which appear to be difficult to be learnt or you can just make a song composition with the names of muscles added in it to learn the names of such muscles in a better way.

5. Play Trump Cards Based On Muscle Names:-

In childhood, the names of all WWE stars were crammed on our finger tips because we used to play trump cards with their faces and names on it. We also used to watch videos with these WWE characters and thus we were familiar with hundreds of such WWE characters. You can do the same with names of your body muscles making trump cards on their names and playing these trump cards to cram the muscle names or you can even watch out videos based on muscle names to cram their names in an easy manner.


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