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Why Mumbai Is Called The City Of Dreams

Why Mumbai Is Called The City Of Dreams


Mumbai is a city located in the Maharashtra part of India. This place has remained the capital of India in one time and also hosts as the hub of stock exchange. Even the film industry or Bollywood is situated here and it serves as the making place of most of the movies. Mumbai serves as a city of dreams and because of this there are countless people migrating to this city in search of work and better livelihood. The reason why this city has been named the city of dreams can be explained as follows:-

Why Mumbai Is Called The City Of Dreams

Why Mumbai Is Called The City Of Dreams

1. Being The Place Where Celebrities Live:-

First of all, Mumbai serves as the place where films are manufactured and most of the people that arrive here have arrived either with a dream to become a star or to be able to watch a star. The famous bollywood stars like Rekha, Deepika, Ranveer , Salman, Shahrukh etc have got their houses built here and thus it has become an attraction one of its kind.

2. Being A Place Where One Skill Can Turn You Up In a Master:-

Mumbai serves as a place where if you have got just a single skill, you can become a master soon with success under your feet and money and fame waiting to kiss your feet. Most of the people come Mumbai taking such dreams in their eyes which is why Mumbai is called the city of dreams.

3. The Financial Crises:-

The people dealing with financial crisis choose to leave their houses and enter Mumbai as a refugee making money with jobs provided here. Even a stall by the roadside can make you earn 30-40 thousand per month in Mumbai and thus it is a city of dreams.

4. The Place with Beaches:-

Even for those who don’t have the motive of earning, Mumbai serves to be an attraction of its kind for those people as well. The beaches that are situated by the seaside are an attraction that can become the star of one’s eyes and thus people choose to make visits again and again to this place.

5. Have a Small Business Setup:-

People often arrive Mumbai to have a small business setup. Mumbai serves to be the land of stock exchange markets and thus even the people who wish to earn more within a short lap of time or the ones who wish to watch out if their luck works or not often choose to travel this place.

6. A Place of Local Gangsters:-

Mumbai also serves to be the place with local gundas and gangsters living in it and thus some people trying to imitate what they see in the movies choose to enter Mumbai in order top become some big gangster or some local gunda in order to earn fame with wrong or evil thoughts.


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