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How To MTS Data Card Unlock

How To MTS Data Card Unlock


MTS came as a brand that brought about a shift in the number of data card users with data plans as affordable as anything. These data cards were capable of making an individual capable of making high speed data surfing besides giving him or her kind of real time affordable user experience within any sort of data enabled gadget. In certain cases there feels a need to go for the unlock of the data card so as to avail the most of its features and use it within a user specified manner. In case you wish to unlock your MTS data card, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How To MTS Data Card Unlock

How To MTS Data Card Unlock

1.  Is your data card SIM card enabled:-

If there is a provision to use a SIM card with your data card, you can easily get it unlocked by downloading a few software for the same. These include the data card unlock application or the CDMA workshop etc. You may get a wide range of such software that enables you to unlock a data card.

2. You might also need to fill some codes:-

While you go for unlocking your data card, you might need certain codes like SPC code or the other such codes to be filled within the unlocking application while going for the procedure. The procedure stays the same for almost all the kinds of models. The RUIM facility of the data cards is blocked by the company before selling it and if you succeed to enable it back, the data card gets unlocked.

3. Enabling the RUIM:-

Simply download the CDMA workshop and then install it to make the use of it for unlocking the data card. First of all you will need to disable antivirus for this. With the usage of this software, you can easily crack the data card and get it unlocked; the more details are available with the package itself.

4. The further settings:-

Now, after you have finished yourself with the CDMA workshop, you will be required to select the com port in drop down list. You can connect to the MTS modem out there and then click the connect button after you have finished the cracking process. The procedure can be double checked in case you think there must have been some mistake while executing the procedure.

5. In case nothing works:-

There are dedicated professionals for every sort of work related to chip level and in case none of the above mentioned approaches seems to help you, you may choose to reach some chip level repair workshop and get the data card unlocked out there by the dedicated professionals for this job. Though they will take some nominal charges for this job, but you will be able to connect data with your data card afterwards.


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