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How to MTK Android and IMEI Change

How to MTK Android and IMEI Change


IMEI is a unique identification number that the mobile company gives its authorized user once a user inserts a SIM card into a new purchased mobile phone. If you have got a phone in your hands, simply dial *#06# and the IMEI number will be automatically displayed on your screen. In some of the cases it has been seen that due to some technical faults, the IMEI number gets lost and thus there feels a need to go for a new IMEI number. In certain other cases also you might feel a need to go for change which can be done as follows.

How to MTK Android and IMEI Change

How to MTK Android and IMEI Change

1. Usage of IMEI Change Tools:-

First of all, get your MTK android phone rooted and then download the mobile IMEI change tools within your handset. Get a backup made with your IMEI and then run the IMEI change tools application. Reach engineer mode option within your set and then scroll down to CDS information where you will get an option for radio information in which you have to select the desired SIM card and then insert the backed up IMEI in it.

2. If Your Handset is Under the Guarantee:-

Once my handset started malfunctioning and it was under guarantee. I reached the nearest customer care unit dedicated for it, submitted the bill of handset and got it submitted to them for repair. They found the set beyond repair and issued a new handset of the same configuration to me. In case the set is under guarantee, you can simply take the handset to nearest customer care unit and all the headache will be taken by them in any sort of problem with it. In case you have got un-functioning IMEI, simply take it there and they will sort you out.

3. Usage of Another Board Within Your Mobile Phone:-

Another way in which you can successfully change the IMEI of your handset is to look for the dead or tampered not functioning set of the same brand and same model that you will be able to find over the websites like OLX or some scraps dealer and as these are the not functioning ones, you will get them at very cheap prices. Now take out the board chip out of this handset and then install this chip in your handset for which you wish to change the IMEI.

Now, after you switch it on, the IMEI that the phone will have will be the same as what used to be with the tempered handset. In the big mobile markets like the Gaffar market etc. You will also find retail outlets of mobile repair stores that deal with the same and thus in case none of the upper mentioned ways works for you, you can reach such an outlet for getting it done.


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