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How to MS Access to Database

How to MS Access to Database


The database is something that can be created making use of MS access. MS access is included in the Microsoft office suite and thus comes handy within the same package and in case you wish to create a database, MS access can be bought in use for the same. The main purpose of a database is to provide a base for data to be supposed and then records can be entered and saved in it. In case you wish to develop a database of your own, the following tips can be followed:-

How to MS Access to Database

How to MS Access to Database

1. Run MS Access:-

In order to create a database, you will first of all need to create a bank database by choosing the file option and then clicking “new” option. The new database can be chosen from the scratch and then table 1 would be seen over the screen. There would be an option “Click to add” click this option and then enter the details of first two quantities or anything else that needs to be mentioned (Let it be the name of student or staff based employee) Enter key can be pressed to move to the next column and in order to change row, enter can be pressed twice.

2. Altering the Design:-

In order to alter the design, the table headers would be added and in order to do that, you would be required to Click the drop down menu on the home tab of ribbon toolbar and select design view from there. Now in table name you can write any specific name for table i.e. “employee” or “student”. Click ok and then switch to the design view where you will type employee or student’s number in the place of id field name.

3. The Further Execution:-

Now, after the design gets altered, you will need to press the tab key and choose number from the data type drop-down list. Change “Field 1” to enter first name and field 2 to enter last name” and then return to the datasheet view. Click “Yes” when you are asked if you need to save the table.

4. Type The Numbers Specified Within The Records:-

The numbers specified with the records need to be typed now in the first column of table and once the table gets complete, right click the employees tab and then click on save option. In a similar way, the other tables can also be created and joined along with the previously created tables. A better knowledge of MS access is enough to make you get perfect with the creation of databases and the more you practice the creation of sample databases, the more you get perfect in this job.


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