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How to Mow a Lawn with Riding Mower

how to mow your lawn correctly


Mowing a lawn refers to the process of trimming up the grass from a lawn. This is done in order to level up the grass and to trim it up if it has grown excess in length. Mowing a lawn is neither a risky job and nor is it too complicated. All you need to know for this purpose is a bit of knowledge of mowing process and a little bit patience and care. Most of the big parks have their own mowing staff for this purpose, but if you have an inbuilt kitchen garden or park in your house, you can easily mow your garden following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

how to mow your lawn correctly

How to Mow a Lawn with Riding Mower

1. Prepare the Mowing Machine:-

Mowing machines are available in a variety of sizes in the market. A few of these are mechanical mowing while walking machines while the others are motor attached electric mowing machines. You can purchase one such machine according to your budget of money as well as space that you are dealing with. If you have to deal with a small lawn, you can purchase a mechanical mower while if you have a ground big enough, you can purchase an electronic mowing machine.

2. Starting Up the Machine:-

In order to start a mechanical machine, you need nothing but to grease or oil its chain sets as well as blades. If yours is an electronic mowing machine, you will need to plug in its plug into an extension switch board of appropriate length. Some mowers operate on fuel and thus you might have to keep it ready in advance.

3. Move Ahead Step By Step:-

Set the level or speed of mowing now and keep moving ahead slowly and steadily trimming the grass this way. The grass which gets trimmed will keep on collecting in the mower basket and you will be able to remove it from there afterwards.

4. Keep Removing the Trimmed Collected Grass:-

There is always a limited amount of space available with the mowing machine to store trimmed portion of the grass. In order to have enough space available, you can manage to keep a big basket kept ready in advance. Each time the mowing basket gets full with grass, just take it off from the mower and fill it in this basket. Grass will need to be pressed with hands in order to make more space available sometimes when basket gets filled with grass in an access.

5. Throw the Trimmed Grass in a Compost Pit:-

The grass collected in big basket can be utilized to make manure with it. Just dig a big pit somewhere and fill it up with the grass. Cover it again with soil or mud and you will get sorted this way. Last but not the least; inspect the ground to check if any trace of grass is left untrimmed. Keep mowing line by line in a parallel manner to avoid any portion of park/ground from being left unmowed.


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