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How to Move Your Ship in Eve Online

How to Move Ships in Eve Online


Eve Online is a player-driven, persistent-world massively multiplayer online role playing game set in a science fiction background of space setting. This game was published by CCP Games. In this game the characters can pilot ships which can be customized according to the preferences of players through a galaxy of 7,800 star systems. Most of these are connected by the means of stargates and these contains all celestial bodies like moons, planets, stations, worm holes, asteroid belts etc. proving to be a great adventure for all science fiction lovers. One question that players of this game generally ask is, how to move ships in the game? Well the answer is really simple and you can follow these simple tips to be able to move ships in this game:-

How to Move Your Ship in Eve Online

How to Move Your Ship in Eve Online

1. Ship Movement at Sub-Warp speed:-

While moving in Sub-Warp speed, your ship is equipped with a propulsion system which makes it capable to follow the sub-warp speed pattern.  You can double click anywhere in the open space to make your ship start moving in this speed pattern when it is potentially floating in the space. Suppose if meanwhile an object is approaching towards you, you can immediately move towards it by pointing in its direction.

2. Ship Movement at Warp Speed:-

Just like the movement in sub-warp speed, there is another option of movement of ships and it is the warp speed movement.  In warp speed option, you can travel very long distances in a short span of time by making a right click at a distant object and then by choosing “Warp Here” option after aligning it towards the object where it is to be moved.

3. A jump movement:-

In jump movement of the ships,  you can jump to the other solar systems from the solar system where you are currently residing by using a jump gate in your solar system.  Just wrap to a nearby jump gate and you can make a right click on it to choose “Jump” option. Once you click this option, the other moment it will make you jump to another solar system chosen by you.

4. Ship Rotation and Acceleration:-

In order to rotate or accelerate your ship, the agility option proves to be a help. It tells you how fast a ship can accelerate or rotate. When you are in a war zone, you have to make the ship warp very quickly to keep hanging the zone where you are currently residing and thus you can avoid delay in your movement by the same option.

5. Just Point towards the Object where you wish to reach:-

You are mistaken if you think that a particular drive is enough to make you reach or move towards a particular zone or place and instead you also have to point towards it as well. Suppose you wish to an object located in north direction from your current location, you will have to point in that direction to be able to reach there and to use any of the drives to make movement in that direction.


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