How to Move Toolbars on Internet Explorer 8

How to Move Toolbars on Internet Explorer 8


Internet Explorer-8 is a web browser from Microsoft in the Internet Explorer series of browsers released in March 19th, 2009. It came later on after the release of Internet Explorer version 7 and it comes pre-installed in Windows-2007 and Windows server 2008 R2 operating system versions serving as a default browser which can be shifted to any other browser afterwards, according to the personal needs and preferences of the user making changes with the default settings in the control Panel. Now this version of Internet Explorer has several toolbars including the Menu bar, the Favorites bar, the Command bar etc. and it becomes quite irksome for some people to be able to move these toolbars. If you are also looking for the options to be able to move toolbars on Internet Explorer-8, here are some tips which can be followed:-

How to Move Toolbars on Internet Explorer 8

How to Move Toolbars on Internet Explorer 8

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1. Open the Browser:-

Just click the start button and write the name of this browser in search field. The browser will itself get opened or you can even locate it from the “All Programs” section as well. Just click start button and then “All Programs” option and a list of programs will get opened in front of you from where you can click the name of “Internet Explorer” browser to open it.

2. Right Click the Command Bar:-

Once the Browser gets opened, you will have to click the “tools” button and then you can click the toolbar that you wish to show or hide.  You can move a toolbar to desired place or location and you can make them visible or invisible within the same section. Every time you wish to move any toolbar or to make changes with it, the same command bar can be bought in use to make desired changes.

3. Customizing the Command Bar:-

The command bar can be customized according to the preference of the user. It is located in the top right side of your Internet Explorer browser and you can make a right click on it to point the customize option and then to click “Add or remove” commands option in order to make changes to it.

4. Add in the Available Toolbar Button List:-

While customizing the toolbars and command bar on Internet Explorer 8, we can even add or remove a button to it. For example, if I have to remove a button from this section, I can click it and then click “remove” button and if I wish to add another button in its place once again, I will have to click the button that I wish to add in the available toolbar buttons list and then I can click “Add” button to do the same. I can even make changes to the order in which buttons are displayed as well.


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