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How to Move Emails to Spam in Gmail


G-mail is one of the best products from Google, which can be bought in use to connect with your business mailing contacts via email facility. One of the features which makes this mailing service, the best that one can get it its “Report Spam” feature, using which one can easily report unwanted messages as spam, which means all the messages from that particular person or company or firm will directly get stored in a special spam box and such messages won’t be loaded in your general message box. In order to move a particular E-mail sender as spam, you can bring in use the following tips:-

How to move E-Mails to spam in G-mail

How to Move Emails to Spam in Gmail

1. Move E-mails to Spam on a desktop/Laptop:-

If you are on a non touch screen laptop or computer, you will have the page for Gmail in your web browser first. For this purpose, you can type in your web browser and you can follow the following steps:-

  • Click the Check Box provided Against the Mail:-

After opening the page for Gmail, you can enter your personal details like username and password in it. You will soon get logged in your ID and all your mails will be visible on the screen with various checkboxes depicted against them.

  • Click Third Last Icon from Top Mentioned Icon List:-

Now, select all the mails that you wish to report as spam by clicking the check box depicted against them and then you can move to the list of icons presented before you on screen just above the place where your first E-mail message is presented. This list of icons automatically gets presented on screen when you click the check box provided against any of the mails in your inbox. You have to click the third last icon from the list. This will be the one after delete icon and before tag icon. Once you click this icon, all the messages will themselves get moved to the spam box.

Move E-Mails To Spam on a Touch Screen Tablet/Smartphone or Windows Phone:-

Most of the smart phones like android and windows phone have a provision for an inbuilt Gmail application. In order to report any mail as spam in this inbuilt application for Gmail, you can use the following steps:-

  • Long Press the Screen Form the Place of Mail to Select the Mail/S:-

Long press the screen from place where a specific mail is located and mark all the mails which need to be reported as spam like wisely.

  • Find the Menu Gear:

There will be a menu gear located at the right most corner of your gadget’s top portion of screen. When you click this menu gear, a variety of options get displayed before you one out of which is the report spam option clicking which all these mails will get reported as spam.

move EMails to spam in Gmail

When A Particular Mail Is Opened:

When a particular mail is opened in your G-mail application, you can locate the menu gear by either clicking the right most top portion gear of your screen or you can even click the left most touch panel of your smart phone which is generally provided below the touch screen. If still some mail persists to appear again and again, this might be because of a website subscription or a malware.