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How to Mount Scope on Gun

How to Mount Scope on Gun


A scope is a device that is attached with a gun/rifle etc. in order to enhance the accuracy of air shot made with it. Scope is popular with most of air gunners these days as it makes them have a great shot. When your gun has been positioned with a scope, there are fewer chances for sighting errors to take place and thus every gunner prefers to mount a scope over his gun. If you also wish to enhance your shot reducing the chances of making a mess while making an air shot, you can choose to take the help of following tips in order to do the same:-

How to Mount Scope on Gun

How to Mount Scope on Gun

1. Clean the Gun:-

In order to mount scope over a gun, you should first make it clean and then you should remove any filler screws present on the top of gun’s receiver with a screw driver. Now we degrease the holes and we match the rings and bases. Approximately all the modern guns have a place designated for mounting a scope and these have got holes drilled on their surface for this purpose but you can mount a scope on your gun even if it is an old one. You should take the rings of perfect diameter and it is better if you purchase these rings by telling your gun model to the accessories dealer as different types of guns can have different types of rings for them. This will ensure that you purchase a right mounting apparatus.

2. Mount the Bases:-

Now here comes the time to mount the bases. The scope should be mounted on rifle as low as possible. This will allow you to adjust your eye with the scope in a better way and even the aim will be clear to you like this. Before attaching the base, it is advised that you make a coat of oil or grease over the desired area so that the ring and surface get corrosion prevented.

3. Lock the Position:-

When once the base gets mounted, just tighten the screws to a desired level while keeping the rings in perfect position. I have assumed that you have purchased an apparatus matching with your gun type and thus it won’t make you troubled anywhere. Just fix the screws tightly and the base position will get locked.

4. Align the Reticle:-

A reticle is a net of fine lines or fibers in the scope that we have to mount. In order to align the reticle, we will position the scope first and then we will tighten the top halves of the rings in such a way that scope is still able to rotate and move from its position. We will adjust it to perfect alignment and then the reticle will be fixed permanently.

5. Adjust The Eye Relief And Tighten The Screws:-

The scope is aligned and adjusted forward enough to ensure that there is safe distance of eye from recoil.  Double check the alignment and distance and then make the scope permanently fixed at this place by tightening the screws of ring.

6. Final Bore Sighting:-

Here comes the time for final bore sighting.  Just insert a bore sight with a pin of desired size and type. Once the pin gets inserted, the horizontal and vertical axis can also be adjusted to the desired aim in order to shot it down. Just make a test shot now and you will come to know if the scope has been mounted properly or if you still need to make some more correction with the alignment.