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How To Mount Bow Mount Trolling Motor

How To Mount Bow Mount Trolling Motor


A trolling motor is a self-contained unit with an electric motor, propeller and controls fitted in it. It is affixed to an angler’s boat either at the bow or stern.  We use it is short form as “Trolling motor”.  These are often lifted from water to reduce drag when boat’s primary engine is in operation. Often the people who use boats for game of fishing or any other such purpose mount bow and trolling motor on their boats in order to use it when needed. The motor can be hand controlled or self-operated depending on the choice of user. If you have to mount trolling motor on a bow, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How To Mount Bow Mount Trolling Motor

How To Mount Bow Mount Trolling Motor

1. Attachment of the base:-

We begin by separating the trolling motor assembly from mount base. We will first choose a place on deck where base is to be attached and this should be a place which can properly accommodate the base as well as motor.  A perfect choice of base place is really necessary and you can talk with an expert if needed while choosing a place to mount a bow.

2. Make drills in the deck:-

We make holes using a drill machine into deck now.  These holes have been drilled for mounting bolts to be fixed in them. Clean the debris left by drilling now and then affix the bolts into each of these holes in a proper way. Take your time to fix each and every hole so as to avoid making hazards with the fixing process.

3. Attach the washers:-

Rubber washers need to be slipped into each and every bolt underneath the mount base in order to provide added support.  Hold the washers in position with your fingers while moving the mount base over the drill holes in a proper way so as to fix the bow with it. The base is kept over drilled holes in such a way that each and every bolt slips through the dedicated holes making the bow fit properly.

4.  Double check the bow fit:-

Make an inspection to double check if the bow has fitted properly or not. Check to see that the base rests level against the surface of deck properly. If it has met something wrong, you can add a few more rubber washers to adjust the level in order to make the base even.

5. The position of trolling motor:-

The trolling motor is to be positioned in such a way that it is raised onto deck and locked down for transport without binding. A washer made of steel and not rubber is brought into use this time to fix retaining nut on each of the bolts. The nuts are then tightened with a key of perfect size.

6. Attaching the motor assembly:-

The motor assembly is attached then to the bow. These are mounted in such a way that a water level of at least 5 inches runs below the motor.  You can go for another inspection after assembling the trolling motor mounted on the bow getting it inspected from an expert to avoid hazards that take place because of minor faults during the fixing process.


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