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How to Mount a 32 Inch LCD TV on the Wall

How to Mount a 32 Inch LCD TV on the Wall


LCD TV’s these days come with two kind of fixing approaches. One is to position them on an ovular or circular kind of plastic stand and the other includes fixing them on the wall.  Now when we are talking about a 32 inch LCD TV, we are actually making a onetime investment for our home. Though most of the television showrooms have a provision for free installation of the electronic equipments that they sell, but in some cases you may also be required to fix it yourself. If you have a 32 inch LCD TV which needs to be fixed on the wall, here are some tips to position it perfectly:-

How to Mount a 32 Inch LCD TV on the Wall

How to Mount a 32 Inch LCD TV on the Wall

1. Bring Home a Wall Mount Stand:-

Look inside your TV box if there is a wall mount stand available with the TV and if there is no such wall mount, you will have to purchase it from the same shop from where you had purchased the television. If you had made an online purchase, you can look for such wall mounts online as well. Here I have provided two links from Amazon clicking which you can easily make purchase of one such wall mount for your LCD TV.

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Buy Universal Inch Wall Mount Bracket

2. Adjudge A Perfect Place For Fixing The Mount:-

After purchasing the wall mount, adjudge the perfect place to position your LCD TV and somewhere in the mid of this portion, we will position the bracket by making holes with drill machine and then stuffing in the plastic bids positioning the nuts and bolts provided with the wall mount in desired holes.

3. Drill the Wall for Bracket to be fixed:-

Plug in the drill machine with a drill bid of the same size as the nuts or size of hole within your wall mount bracket.  Count the number of holes in your bracket and then make the same amount of holes in your wall. This can range from four to six depending from bracket to bracket. Now, once you make the holes, we can position the plastic bits inside to finally position the nuts and bolts.

4. Affix the Bolts and Nuts to Position the Stand perfectly:-

We will position nuts in these plastic bids tightening them with the help of a screw driver of the same thickness. Now, once you have finish positioning the nuts, we can position the bracket over these nuts and we can affix with bolts with the help of key of desired thickness to permanently fix the bracket over the wall.

5. Tighten the Nuts And Bolts perfectly:-

Keep in mind to make the nuts and bolts tight perfectly. Never position the bracket on a weak wall or a wall filled with putty of POP it is better if you position the bracket on a solid and strength full wall so that it may be able to bear the weight of your television.

6.  Mount the TV on Stand/Wall Mount Stand:-

Now finally when the bracket has been fixed, you can mount the TV on it. Just bring your TV parallel to the bracket and then position the Television’s back side perfectly in contact with this bracket. Your television will have space for nuts at its back where the rest of fixing part of the wall mount will be fixed and once you are ready with both, you can easily mount your television.


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