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How to Motivate Yourself to Run Everyday

how to motivate yourself to run everyday


Running is one of the best exercises available till date for humans. It does not only help us to maintain our weight and to burn calories and fats, but also helps us to stay youthful and free from disease. A few days back when I had went for a marathon in Gurgaon, I met Bollywood actor Milind Soman, who was there to promote the value of marathons and who actively participated in one of the marathons of run with me foundation. Actually running is a great exercise and when we add it as a joy to our lifestyles, we stay healthy and fine. I am not here to teach you the benefits of running as I know that you are reading this because you are already familiar with the health benefits of running but I am just going to tell you today how to motivate yourself for running. In order to motivate yourself for running, you can bring in use the following tips:-

how to motivate yourself to run everyday

How to Motivate Yourself to Run Everyday

1. Usage of a Run Keeping Application or Run Monitoring Application:-

If you are a Smartphone user, you will find many run keeping applications available in the application store of your mobile. Besides this, you can also go for the options like calorie monitoring application, smart watches, and heart rate monitor application etc. in order to assist you during your run. Some smart applications even enable you to calculate the steps that you have made during a run.

2. Music as a Tranquilizer:-

Music acts as a best tranquilizer for those who wish to adopt the habit of running. I still remember that I was a little bit slow in the initial days of my running schedule but then I purchased a Bluetooth headset and I started listening songs while running. Music does not just prove to make you focus on your run, but rather also acts as a kind of tranquilizer against all the impediments that you face while running.

3. Make It a Habit:-

Make it a habit that you will go for running daily. If you don’t like music, just have a company with you to keep on talking while running or you can even develop healthy friendship with the others you meet during your way. If you have no such company or friend, just start greeting good morning or good evening to everyone you meet while running and soon your friend circle will get increased like anything.

4. Motivational Posters and Whatsapp Groups:-

If you have a group of co-runners, you can make a facebook or whatsapp group to keep posting motivational pictures about running and health benefits of running in it so that you may feel like a leader or motivator and even others may start asking you or insisting you more to give them the desired knowledge on this topic. A teacher never cheats with his profession and thus soon you will start loving running.

5. Join Running Foundations:-

There are many running foundations which promote a healthy emphasis on people to adopt running as an exercise. Just join one such running foundation and take a pledge to keep running everyday at a specific time. Follow this pledge seriously and adopt a timetable to follow it regularly.


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