How to Motivate Team Members

how to motivate team members as a team leader


It is quite hard to keep all the members of a team together cooperating with each other. In order to make every sports team be successfully cooperating with each other in all the aspects of sportsmanship, It becomes quite essential for a coach to keep all the team members motivated in a perfect manner so as to make them stay along with each other in the field and bring the best results out of them. In order to achieve the same, certain strategies need to be followed and some of these have been mentioned by us in this article.

how to motivate team members as a team leader

How to Motivate Team Members

1. Tell Them the Power of a Team:-

The best way to motivate someone is to tell him or her power that resides inside him. If someone gets an estimate about power that he or she is having, he or she is sure to feel motivated and the desired betterment is sure to be bought as well. Tell your team the power they have got in them and they will get motivated for sure.

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2. Encourage the Spirit of Cooperation and Coordination:-

Cooperation is an element of coordination and when these both are in a team; the members can do miracles together. Encourage the team spirit, make the team members cooperate with each other and do so by encouraging them to help each other. This is sure to make them have a sort of motivation.

3. Don’t Let Them Fight:-

A reason for the teams to meet their demise is that there are some small conflicts that take the shape of bigger ones and thus this takes the shape of a fight spoiling the protocol of cooperation amongst team members and thus each member starts staying secluded which spoils the team spirit. Don’t let the team members fight in order to motivate them.

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4. Tell Them to Support Each Other:-

When team members learn to support each other, there is no weak point left. You support me and I will support you, this should be the criterion of the team and if the team members start supporting each other, there will be no need to motivate them as they themselves will be a motivation for each other.

5. Tell them they can achieve anything for Sure:-

Tell the team members that they can achieve anything if they desire. This can be understood in a way that when you have got the determination that you can do anything obviously, the results are best taken out of you and thus the team members need to be encouraged that they can do simply anything which will make them feel motivated and you can take out any desired results from them.

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6. Make the Best Out of Them:-

Try to make the best out of a team. First of all, watch out what sort of strengths and weaknesses they have got in them and then start using their strengths and weaknesses in order to bring out the best results out of them.


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