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Where Do Most of The Earthquakes Occur

Where Do Most of The Earthquakes Occur


An earthquake is a sudden kind of shaking or turbulence in the earth’s surface due to the release of energy that is trapped in the earth. This may be accompanied because of the movement of tectonic plates or even because of the volcanic eruptions. In case the earthquake takes the sea route, a tsunami is generated and seismograph is used to measure its intensity while Richter scale is used to measure the power with which the earthquake hit a particular area. In order to know where the most of earthquakes hit, you may choose to read the following lines that I am mentioning here.

Where Do Most of The Earthquakes Occur

Where Do Most of The Earthquakes Occur

1. There Is No Area On Earth Free From Earthquakes:-

Talking about the area that won’t suffer from earthquakes, there is no such area of land, though there are some engineered structures that may prevent your surroundings from meeting damage to some extent. There are also some regions that experience them much frequently and thus some zones are named as earthquake prone zones.

2. The Areas with Frequently Felt Earthquakes:-

The earthquakes are most commonly felt at the boundaries of the tectonic plate boundaries where the two plates meet. The largest events often occur where the two plates get collided or slide past one another. The examples of such regions may be seen as the Japan, the New Zealand, the Americas and the Papua New Guinea.

3. Australia’s Earthquake:-

Australia’s largest earthquake was recorded in the year 1941 at Meeberrie place situated in Western Australia with an estimated magnitude of 7.2 which is itself a name enough to estimate the extent of damage that must have occurred to that place, but it occurred in a remote, largely unpopulated area which is why the loss of human life was in a controlled kind of way.

4. Nepal’s Earthquake:-

In Nepal in year 2015, a high magnitude earthquake came that made thousands of people lose their lives. Nepal which is a Hindu country suffered a great loss of life because of it and still life is taking time to get back on rails because of the earthquake that came as a calamity in that region.

5. The Large And Shallow Kind of Earthquakes:-

The large and shallow kinds of earthquakes happen in a region where there are two tectonic plates pulling apart of each other with the creation of new oceanic crust along the mid-ocean ridges and on the transform faults that joint then.

6. Earthquake Life Saving Strategy:-

In case you are in a region that encounters an unfortunate earthquake, try reaching some open ground or else if you are in some building try standing in corner of it. It there is some table, you should take shelter under it and else in order to make your house equipped against earthquakes, the proper engineered technique must be followed.


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