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Mosquito Control Products, Best Mosquito Repellent



Mosquitoes are around all of us. The are the distributors of many diseases like dengue and malaria. Biting of one or two mosquito does not give much pain and thus we don’t even bother to do any thing about that but if that one mosquito has injected parasites into your blood then that single mosquito can prove to kill you within a couple of days.

Mosquito Control Products

Mosquito Control Products

With the increasing threat of getting bitten with a mosquito there becomes a great need to look for the preventive measures and some among them are listed here.

1. For individual protection against mosquitoes, the best and most effective insect repellent can be the one based on the deet or picaridin based formula.

2. Mosquito nets that are available in the markets can be used as a preventive measure as the holes in the mosquito net are small enough to let mosquitoes pass through them and let the fresh air low in and out making you sleep carefree.

3. Indoor residual sprays can be sprinkled as a preventive measure in the areas where malaria is common so that the small children may play anywhere in the house without any risk of being bitten by the malarial mosquito. Residual spray of d.d.t can be sprinkled on the walls of the houses.

4. If the walls of houses have been coated with insecticides, the resting mosquitoes can be killed before they can bite another person and transfer the malaria parasite.

The electric mosquito repellents like mortein and all out that are available generally in every market can be used to kill mosquitoes. Nowadays even some sprays are available in the market that once sprayed kill all the mosquitoes. Mosquito repellent cakes that can be put over the bulbs that coming in the contact of the heat of the bulb start showing repellent action against the mosquitoes can even be used.

Though there are a number of count less other methods available to use as a preventive measure against the mosquitoes and to reduce the mosquitoes bites and slow down the effect of mosquito-borne diseases, still it is adviced not to let fresh water stand for a long period in the open. additional substances like kerosene oil can be added to the water of air coolers so that the larvae of mosquitoes may not live inside that standing water.

The used tires thrown by us on the roof tops of the houses become a perfect place for the mosquito larvae to live in and multiply themselves, so it is advisable not to throw any hollow thing on the roof tops of the houses that may act as a container for water of the rains and may become a habitat for the mosquitoes and there larvae.

Always remember, prevention is better than cure, before a mosquito bites you, be equipped enough to kill him before reaching you.


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