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Why Sunday Morning Sex Improve your Health

Why Sunday Morning sex improve your health


When you have newly enter a married relationship, you are sure to try Sunday morning love making for sure once in life. At least once in life, every couple tries love making on Sundays as this is the only day in the week that they get as a holiday. Even the researchers say that Sunday is the perfect day for love making as you have no tensions on this day. Besides keeping you physically healthy, it enhances your mental health as well. More the people, more the comments, but we always bring reality for you. Here are some reasons in which Sunday morning sex boosts your health:-

Why Sunday Morning sex improve health

Why Sunday Morning Sex Improve Health

1. Keeps you feel better:-

It has been seen in a survey that when you make sex on Sunday mornings, it helps you keep better. Positiveness is seen in both the partners as they can cooperate better with each other. Sunday is basically a free day as most of people have a holiday on this way and thus they can get engaged for longer with each other.

2. Nights Are Tiresome, Mornings Are Full of Energy:-

When you come home from office after going through lots of workload and stressful day time, nights prove to be very much tiresome. You are so tired after reaching home, that you just wish to remove your shoes and relax over the bed. You yourself don’t even know when you got asleep. You are less active during sex at night while in the morning, you feel less tired as much of your tiredness is gone by resting and you are able to cooperate with your partner in a better way.

3. Workload, Stress and Anxiety:-

It has been seen that a person is much likely to experience stress, anxiety and other such feelings because of tensions that workload generates. I know that most of you all will be saying that you leave, workload in your company when you leave your office, but most of us are worried about the next day and thus we prefer to rest rather than having sex at night. Sunday morning proves to be a better option as you have one extra day to rest and make yourself relieved against such factors.

4. The Endorphin Effect:-

In order to understand the endorphin effect, you will need to understand what endorphin is. Actually, endorphins are the chemicals produced by the human body which are included in the family of hormones and neuropeptides. They are produced within every cell of the body and it has been seen that these are produced more when you make sex on Sundays.

5. There Is No Work on Sunday:-

Besides all this, you are free on Sunday as it is a holiday. There is no tension or responsibility that you have to care about. On the other days, you find some work even if it is a holiday but Sundays are always free. Even if the day has got some work to be completed, you can still manage to find some time for your partner on Sundays.


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