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6 Steps to Mop a Very Dirty Floor Properly

How to Mop a Floor


Mop is a mass of coarse strings or yarn, cloth, sponge, or other absorbent material, attached to a pole or stick that is used to soak up liquid, for cleaning floors and other surfaces. It is useful in a way that to clean floor by bending on knees with a wet cloth can make you suffer problems related to back such as back pain and joint pain, etc. Mop provides you added comfort in a way that it reduces the efforts that you had to make earlier in order to clean up the floor and thus here in this article we have come with some tips to mop the floor in a better way.

6 Steps to Mop a Very Dirty Floor Properly - HowFlux

How to Mop a Very Dirty Floor Properly

1. Broom clean:-

First of all, do the dusting of all the appliances in your home. Take a broom and clear up all the dust that results. You can choose to clear up the spider webs from everywhere with this broom. Clean up the mud tunnels made by termites if any, and then remove all the dirt and dust so collected with it.

2. Soap lather cleaning:-

Now there must be some tough stains on the floor, you are advised to dissolve some good liquid soap in a mug of water and then clean up these stains with it. If you use wax candles in your home, there must be some molten wax that must be sticking on the floor as well. You can choose to clean such waxy things using some pin or iron plate.

3. Stain clearing:-

Now when you have applied the soap solution to tough stains, you will need to brush it up. Choose to brush out the stains and clean the lather formed by sprinkling water on it. You can even choose to go for some good stain remover in order to clean up the appliances in that area.

4. Sprinkle water:-

Now when all the physical cleaning gets finished, sprinkle 2-3 mug water on the floor and go for mopping it. Do it gently like you did earlier with cloth mop. You have to hold the pipe gently and clean the floor with it walking backwards, holding it in a proper way.

5. Perfect mopping:-

In order to complete mopping in a better and sophisticated way, you are advised to clean up all the surroundings physically first and a light booming is mandatory in a way that if not removed, this dirt will get accumulated on your broom’s cleaning surface and your floor will get dirty instead of getting clean with it thus great care needs to be taken about such things.

6. Mopping care:-

Learn about the perfect holding position of your mop. If you are using an electric mop, you won’t even need to physically move with it, but if you are using a manual pipe based mope, you will have to do some physical labour as well. You can even choose to clean floor first using a vacuum cleaner and then mop the floor with it. If you experience pain in the back while doing so, you can even choose to depend on a maid for doing such things.


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