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How Mothers Mood Affects Baby During Pregnancy

How Mood Affects Baby During Pregnancy


True is the fact when you are told,” The way you live or feel during pregnancy will be the way your child becomes when it grows up”. A mother’s condition in stage of pregnancy decides a lot about the baby’s health. Suppose, if the mother is in a fatigued and stressed state of mind and body when she is pregnant, the baby will also suffer similar signs in his body after getting born.

If you are weak enough while giving birth to your baby, even the baby will turn out to be weak enough when it grows up. If you are experiencing the stage of depression, the baby is also supposed to be a victim of this health disorder later on in life and thus a mother’s mood proves to have a great effect on the baby as well. The ways in which a mother’s mood affects the baby can be explained as follows:-

How Mood Affects Baby During Pregnancy

How Mothers Mood Affects Baby During Pregnancy

1. Maternal Depression and Its Side Effects:-

If a mother is patient of depression during the time of her pregnancy, it will affect even the child. It has been seen that maternal depression can result even in the death of child as most of the mothers go literally insane to kill themselves if they are in an advanced stage of depression. It has rather been seen that a child also suffer the same disease when he/she grows up and even his/her academic career gets affected if he/she is born from a mother in depression during stage of pregnancy.

2. High Levels of Stress and Anxiety-

In most of the cases a high level of stress can also affect the fatal activity. The fetus of women with high level of stress is reported to be more active in womb and thus such a fetus is likely to experience a delay of growth in most of the cases.

3. Causes Still Birth and Premature Birth:-

In most of the cases where a mother experiences still birth or premature birth of a child, it has been seen that the mother’s mood had a great key role in it. Even the doctors, scientists and nurses advise a mother to keep her mood regular and normal during this stage as even they know that mother’s mood will result in the health of baby.

4. Abnormalities Are Likely To be seen:-

If a mother’s mood is negatively affected during stage of birth of a baby, the baby is likely to be born with abnormalities related to thinking, behavior and even mental health. On the other hand, if a mother’s mood is positive during such a time, even the baby will be born healthy as her state of mood.

5. High Level of Cortisol and Lower Level of Dopamine:-

Mothers with depression during the stage of pregnancy are also likely to experience a higher level of cortisol and lower level of dopamine in their body.  Such baby will have low weight even after birth and it will be low in orientation, skills as well as other such similar nervous features.

6. Even Your Habits like Smoking and Drinking:-

If you are a habitual drinker or smoker, your baby’s health is likely to get affected because of this as well. Most of the doctors and nurses advise a mother not to smoke or drink or even to keep her mobile phone away from the baby when she gets pregnant or when she is likely to get pregnant.


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