How to Make Your Monitor not go to Sleep Windows 7

How to Make Your Monitor not go to Sleep Windows 7

How To Make Your Monitor Not Sleep Windows-7


Windows-7 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft which is a part of Windows-NT family of operating systems. It was released to manufacture on July, 22, 2009 and it became available on October 22, 2009. Since then, a whirlwind of number of people has been added to the user list of this window platform. Now one such feature of this Window is that it goes to sleep mode when we are not using the system and it is left idle for a particular period of time. In order to prevent your Windows-7 equipped computer from not going to sleep mode, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Make Your Monitor not go to Sleep Windows 7

How to Make Your Monitor not go to Sleep Windows 7

1. Find Control Panel:-

First of all reach the start menu by clicking the windows button or start menu icon and then enter “Control Panel” in the search box provided. You can also click the “All Programs” option in order to locate control panel and to make changes with it.

2. Click Hardware and Sound Option:-

Once you reach the control panel, you can click the option for “Hardware and sound” option in order to locate the power options from it. If you are currently using a laptop, there will be an icon for battery provided at the bottom panel and you can click it to open the power options for your laptop.

3. Click “Power Options”:-

Once you find an option for “Power options”, you can click it to make changes with the sleep schedule of your computer. Just click “Change When the Computer Sleeps” option provided in the sidebar to open the Edit Plan Settings window and then you can specify the time as well as other settings related with your power plan to make changes with it.

4. Make Changes with the Sleep Schedule:-

Click “Power Options” to open, click the “Turn off the Display” drop-down list and then select “Never” from it. You can even specify the time of sleep mode within the same section customizing the time of computer sleep mode in a specified manner.

5. Set the Time to Customize the Display Power Off:-

When you click “Choose when to turn off the display” option, you will get a window over screen with options like “Dim the display”, “Turn off the display”, “put computer to sleep” and “adjust brightness”. In this option, you can set time for these specific tasks and the computer will follow the time limit specified by you to bring about the operation. For example, if you choose “Never” as your priority to put computer on sleep mode, you can set a preference for your computer to never go into sleep mode till you do not specify it again within the same options.

6. Save Changes and Test the Results:-

Once you have successfully set your preferences for display power off options, you can test the success of your changes by leaving your computer idle for some time. It won’t go to sleep mode now. You can double check the same settings again if no changes have taken place.