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5 Ways to Monitor Keystrokes on Your Computer

How To Monitor Keystrokes


Monitoring keystrokes is a process of monitoring the keys stuck with a keyboard in such a way that even the person using the keyboard does not come to know about it. It is basically an action of recording or logging in order to monitor the keystrokes. We use keystroke logging software to monitor keystrokes. There are a number of key logging approaches available in today’s world and they can range from anywhere between hardware and software based approaches to acoustic analysis. If you are also in search of something which can make you monitor keystrokes on your device, following are the best suiting approaches to be bought into use:-

5 Ways to Monitor Keystrokes on Your Computer

How to Monitor Keystrokes on Your Computer

1. Free keylogger software:-

Free Keylogger version 3.6 is what even I am currently using on my laptop. It is able to log keystrokes, clipboard data and website addresses without even taking any form of screenshot or print screen. If someone uses your computer/laptop in your absence, this key logger application will keep on recording and logging all such data without even letting the other user get an idea about it. The best feature of this software is that you can use it even in the hidden mode.

2. REFOG keylogger:-

REFOG keylogger is what I call “Spy the Spy”. REFOG keylogger can monitor keystrokes, websites that someone opens on your device, clipboard data and programs that the other user has run on your system. In case someone tries to run a spy software on your system, this will prove to be the best option to know about it without even letting the other come to know about it.

3. Revealer Keylogger:-

As the name suggests, this keylogger software once installed on your system will record the keystrokes. It is very much responsive it supports screenshot capture as well as add/remove programs features. I am providing you a free link of several keylogger applications here from FileHippo.com. Once you click http://www.filehippo.com/search?q=keylogger a list of keylogger applications will get opened in front of you and you can download any suitable applications from the displayed results to use it with your system.

4. Beware of Limited Feature Software:-

If a particular keylogger software has really left you impressed with the features that it offers, you might be mistaken if it is a free version as most of the free version software have limited features only. In order to use all the features of a particular software, It is advised that you go for a pro version.

5. Once The Software Gets Downloaded:-

Once the keylogger software gets downloaded, just install it in your system and then run it within your system. Activate the hot keys to enable or disable it whenever you need and use the software within your system when you are just about to leave it over your desk in order to finish some work outside while still keeping it on. The person who uses your computer in your absence will get caught when you check the log of your keylogger software exposing the addresses of websites and key strokes giving you a detailed description of all the jobs that the other person had made to your computer in your absence.


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