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Loading, Sending and Withdrawing Money in Oxigen Wallet

How to Load Money in Oxigen Wallet


Oxigen wallet is a wallet application powered by Oxigen Services India Pvt. Limited. This is India’s first and largest payment solution in India. Oxigen is a trusted brand and leader in payment space and is certificated by the RBI for its better service record. In order to send money to any other person or service provider, you just have to load some money in your Oxigen wallet account first and then the transactions can be made easily. Here we are describing the process adopting which you can easily add money to your oxigen wallet:-

How to Load Money in Oxigen Wallet

Sending and Withdrawing Money in Oxigen Wallet

1. Make an Account and Log-In Inside Your Account:-

For making any kind of transaction with your oxigen wallet, you have to download the oxigen wallet application first of all. You have to make a user account on this application now and once the user account is made, you can easily make any kind of transactions with oxigen wallet adding money to it.

2. Click the Lend Money Option:-

There is a lend money option under money transfer option which can be bought in use for loading money in an oxigen account. Once you click this option, you will be able to make fund transfer to your account and via your account. This approach can be followed any time you wish to lend money to someone or if you wish to send money to your own account.

3. Adding the Money to Oxygen Wallet:-

You can add money to your oxigen wallet account from your bank’s website. This includes you to select IMPS Funds Transfer using your mobile number and MMID. The MMID in this case will be 8888888 and your oxigen wallet mobile number will be bought into use in place of your actual mobile number. This service is compatible with many banks today and the list of those banks can be seen clicking this link: – www.npci.org.in/bankmember.aspx

4. Sending the Money to a Beneficiary:-

Sending money to someone gets easier with oxigen wallet. For this purpose, you can click the send money option under “Money transfer” option. The money can be sent to any mobile number or even your social media contacts like that of Facebook, Twitter etc. The beneficiary has to get registered with the same application in order to avail this benefit. You can also send money to any bank account, providing the essential account details of the beneficiary like his bank account number, his mobile number, his MMID, his aadhar number etc. You thus become the remitter and the receiver becomes the beneficiary.

5. Money Withdrawal Approach:-

In order to withdraw money with oxigen wallet, you have to make log-in into your oxigen account first. Then you can click Withdraw Money option which lies under ‘Money Transfer’ sub option. You can withdraw money from your Oxigen Wallet by transferring the money to your bank account. All these approaches should be carefully followed. You should reach oxigen customer conditions and faq before signing into your account.


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