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How to Modify GTA San-Andreas

How to Modify GTA San-Andreas


GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto. It is one of the open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar games being one of the best games ever that most of the teenagers prefer to play on their PC, laptop and smart phones. San Andreas is the seventh title in the GTA series and it can be played from a third person perspective on open world environment, allowing the players to interact with the game world at their leisure. Most of the players thus get addicted to it and thus they seek ways to customize and modify the game to have a better experience while gaming. If you wish to modify your game of GTA San-Andreas, the following tips can be bought into use:              

How to Modify GTA San-Andreas

How to Modify GTA San-Andreas

1. No Self-Modification except Modification of Cars till You Are Not a Developer:-

GTA san Andreas allows you no modification in personal till you are not a game developer. As a game player you can still make modifications related to the game and its upgrade. For example, you can upgrade one car model to another car model. You can also go for an upgrade of nitrous oxide as well as the car boost, rims, body kits, paint jobs, side skirts, bumper and spoiler modifications.

2. Take the Backup of Game If You Are Planning To Install Modifications:-

If you wish to make modifications other than the internal object modifications in the game, you should first take a backup of the game and game software so that if something wrong takes place with your game during the modification process, you will be able to install it back from the backup. You can back-up your game in a safe folder and we can make all experiments of modifications to the other file left installed within the system.

3. Click the link and make a download:-

There is a modification installer application for GTA San Andreas called the “SAMI” modification installer. Though there are many other such installers and you can Google to find one other such software, but here I have chosen SAMI downloading it from file hippo website to tell you how the software makes modifications possible with your game. Here I am providing two links. One is of the same SAMI software that I am using in this article to teach you how to make modifications, but you can choose the other one as well. Most of the modification installers are operated and installed in same manner.
Download San Andreas Mod Installer
San Andreas Mod Installer

4. Install the application and open it:-

Now once you download the SAMI modification installer or any other such modification installer for your GTA San Andreas game, you can install it and then open it to click “Install Mod” button provided in the software for installing the modifications in your pre-installed game. Once you click the “Install Mod” button, you can choose a directory and modification location, making changes with the game while following what is displayed before you on screen.

5. Customize the Game Controls and Settings Your Way:-

Now, once the modifications get installed, you can customize your game the way you want and you can also make changes with the game control and settings as well. There are also many such websites which offer you with options to use cheat codes during the game and you can copy such cheat codes in a file on your computer to use it while playing the game to be a master of it. Here I am mentioning the links of two such websites from where you can copy these cheat codes.
GTA San Andreas Cheat PC
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Cheats

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