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How to Modge Podge Paper to Wood

How to Modge Podge Paper to Wood


Modge podge is one of the most well known craft glue supplies in existence. Modge Podge serves as an all-in-one glue and sealer which makes it possible for you to craft and seal your craft essentials. You can attach paper and fabric or paper and wood or simply any other crafting item with the help of this glue and it quickly gets set between both the craft materials. Modge Podge is basically a brand of decoupage medium which adheres paper or fabric onto a project and thus it is one of the best and top choices of a craftsperson. In order to modge podge paper to wood, the following tips can be bought in use:-

How to Modge Podge Paper to Wood

How to Modge Podge Paper to Wood

1. Make the surface free from dirt and debris:-

First of all we take the wood and make its surface clean. This can be done by removing all sorts of dirt and debris from the piece of wood. Now, once this approach gets finished, we can easily shape up the wood in the desired manner to make it ready for the sanding process where we will use sand paper on it.

2.  Sand the wood with sandpaper:-

Here in this step we will use a sand paper of good quality to sand the wood. It is better if you use a fine grit sandpaper for this purpose. Just sand the piece of wood and then wipe off the dust away with a piece of cloth of cotton and you will be ready to go ahead with the piece of wood.

3. Prepare the working area:-

We can do the wood shaping and sanding approach sitting anywhere as it will generate dust but the process of modge podge application will be done only on a specific clean area. Just choose your working area and then cover it up with the help of a plastic sheet. I won’t advise you to use newspapers as they can get stuck with your apparatus and it is easy to remove a glued plastic sheet but not newspapers.

4. Shape up/tear the paper:-

Here comes the time to shape-up/tear the paper to its desired length and other such specifications. Just cut or tear pieces of paper to decoupage onto the wood and arrange the pieces of paper on wood without applying modge podge on them. This is the time when we are just observing the layout. Once the layout gets finalized, we can go for the application of modge podge as well.

5. Apply Modge Podge:-

When you get satisfied with your layout, you can apply a thin layer of mod podge to the back of each paper piece taking one piece at a time using a modge podge application brush. Press and smoothen each of the paper cuttings bringing the glued surface in contact of wood and keep sticking them in a preferred way of your layout scheme. Continue with the same way and approach till all the pieces of paper do not get glued properly with the piece of wood and once you are finished, you can place the piece of wood under sun to make the glue get dried.


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