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How to Make a Model of Smokeless Chimney

How To Make Working Model Of Smokeless Chimney


A smokeless chimney is a structure made of metal or bricks in order to divert smoke generated in the kitchen or fireplace because of fire. Chimneys these days are in a great fashion as most of the household complaint smoke generated out of cooking to suffocate them.  Though old chimneys were made of bricks, but these days ready made chimneys made of metal are also available in the market with sophisticated design and shape and these act as a kind of exhaust to divert the smoke away. If you are looking forward for an option to make a working model of such a smokeless chimney, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How To Make Working Model Of Smokeless Chimney

How to Make a Model of Smokeless Chimney

1. Choose The Building Material:-

If you are building a non-movable model to keep it at home, even a chimney made of bricks will prove to be a great idea. In order to build a movable and easy to carry model of working smokeless chimney, it is better if you use something else like a metal. I would call it a foolishness if you make a chimney with wood as anything made of wood is 100% likely to catch fire.

2. Consider The Size And Specifications:-

Next comes the need of specifications and size. Talking about the shape of your chimney, you can follow any traditional design for your chimney watching an image from Google and then following the same structure with your chimney. The size can be kept more or less depending on your personal needs. If this model is for your school project, I will advise you to keep the size comparatively low for your chimney.

3. Give It A Cause Supporting Structure:-

By recommending you to give it a cause supporting structure, I mean here to make it in such a way that it is able to suck out the most of smoke out of any particular place. I will also advise you to keep its mouth wide opened in order to let the most of smoke get out in a single time  and to prevent the smoke from coming back inside.

4. Ability To Throw Smoke Out:-

A smokeless chimney’s efficiency is based on how much smoke it prevents from getting generated and how far is its ability to throw smoke outside of a working area. Generally, when we bring home a chimney, It is supposed to throw the smoke out of the house, but instead the most of smoke gets reverted back and it becomes a smoke-full chimney. A smokeless chimney on the other hand throws out the most of smoke and thus we are able to live smoke free.

5. Follow A Structural Diagram:-

You can begin by drawing a diagram keeping in mind all the tricks and techniques essential for 100% smoke being thrown out. One such approach to make a chimney smokeless is “Wet Scrubber” approach. In this approach, there is a slim tube of water attached within the apparatus which sprays water at high velocity sucking up the smoke making it sucked up in the tube of chimney and thus throwing it outside in a pre-planned and faster manner. You can find many other such similar approaches from internet to make your chimney completely smokeless and once you find the best fit approach for yourself, just implement it on your structure of chimney and start building it. Test it yourself first of all and if it is a successful built, you can present it where you wish to present your model.


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