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How to Mix Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

How to Mix Essential Oils for Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy refers to the usage of aromatic plant oils and plant materials for the purpose of altering one’s mood, cognitive disorders, psychological disorders and physical state of well being. The therapy has been termed as “Aromatherapy” because of the usage of aromatic essentials in it. Now most of these aromatic components include use of aromatic oils and we have to mix these oils in order to perform aromatherapy. If mixed in a desired way, these oils provided the best results and thus one should know the exact way of mixing such oils in order to perform aromatherapy. In order to mix essential oils for aromatherapy, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Mix Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

How to Mix Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

1. Bring aroma essentials at a specific place:-

Aroma essentials include a blend of therapeutic essential oils, herbs, water, aromatic plant leaves and flowers etc.  And you can purchase them from an aroma product store. Now mixing of each of these oils depends on the purpose for which we are making a mix. This can be varied for massage or application or inhalation etc.

2. Depends on the results that you are looking for:-

Making an essential oil mix depends on the results that you wish to expect from your combination of oils. Just Google the name of particular oil to make yourself aware about the properties that it carries and then bring it in use if it can solve your problem. For example, if you are looking for an essential oil substitute to cure stress, not all the oils can do this for you and instead you will have to look only for the oil with aroma suspected to treat stress.

3. Enquire If Specific Oil Is For Internal Usage of External Usage:-

When you bring home aromatic oil from a particular shop, you should ask the shopkeeper if it can be taken externally or internally. If the shopkeeper is unaware about this, just Google the name of that particular oil in order to research if it can be used only for external application or it can be taken internally as well.

4. Is Your Oil of Therapeutic Grade or Not:-

Before mixing a particular kind of essential oil, you should also double confirm if it is of therapeutic grade or not. Eden’s garden oils suit the best for aromatherapy as these essential oils are 100% pure and there is no adulteration made with such oils.

5. Energizing Oils:-

Suppose you need some essential oils for energizing yourself. The oils like rosemary oil, clarysage, bergamot, lemon grass oil, eucalyptus oil, cypress oil, pine oil etc suit the best for this purpose. If you are looking something to cure symptoms of cold, basil oil suits the best for this purpose and similarly, you can find the proper essential oil substitutes for making an oil mix.

6. Blend them on the base of their categories:-

Another way to make mix of essential oils is to mix them on the basis of their category. Essential oils are categorized on the basis of their aromas and thus if you know the category of aroma of a particular oil, you can pick up the other oils from the same category to make a mix of essential oils for aromatherapy.


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