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How to Mix Dark Pink Paint

How to Mix Dark Pink Paint


Pink is the color of girls as they like everything in pink. Now dark pink is the extreme or dark shade of pink color and in order to mix this paint, you have to pay every sort of carefulness. When we mix red color and white color, it produces the pink color. Adding more amount of white makes the paint light pink and mixing less amount of white paint in red makes it dark pink. So our approach while mixing a dark pink shade will be to add more red and less white. In order to mix dark pink paint for painting any place, we can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Mix Dark Pink Paint

How to Mix Dark Pink Paint

1. Bring In the Brushes and Buckets of Paint:-

In order to mix dark paint, you can begin by purchasing a bucket of white paint of desired amount. We don’t have to purchase the red paint as the job will be done with white paint only. In order to add the content of red into white paint, we will just need to purchase a liquid shade of red color which is available on all paint shops in bottles of 100 ml or 200 ml. Besides this you can purchase the brushes for painting as well.

2. Open up the Paint Bucket:-

Most of the paint buckets come sealed and thus you may be required to cut off the seal in order to open them. You will have to rely on buckets of paint if you have to paint a large area or else the small containers in the form of plastic or metal are also available on paint shops within a range of 50ml, 20ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1kg, 5kg etc.

3. Mix the Red Color in White Paint:-

Now once you have finished the paint purchase and opening process, you will have the container of white paint kept in front of yourself. Now you have to open the seal of bottle of red color and you have to mix it drop by drop in the bucket of white paint mixing it up either with the help of a big and clean stick or with the help of a large paint brush.

4. Whirl It Up With the Help of Your Paint Brush:-

Now our approach will be to keep adding little blobs of red color into the white paint. The less you add the lighter shade of pink you get and the more you add, the darker it gets.  Begin adding a little amount of red into white. Now keep increasing the level of red color into white paint till you do not get the desired shade.

5. Adding paint with paint:-

Here I had taken “paint” of white shade mixing it up with “Color” of red. You can even choose to take both the shades in the form of paint to mix them up to obtain a perfect pink shade. The color priorities should be kept according to the shade that you are expecting.  Don’t make a hustle while adding one shade into the other as else it can make hazards with the mixing process.


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