How to Mix Brown Paint in Primary Colors

How to Mix Brown Paint in Primary Colors


A primary color is the color from which the other colors can be made by mixing. Let me give you an example of this. Brown color is itself a product of orange mixed with blue. Similarly, orange is made of a mix up of yellow and red. We can make any such color combination in order to obtain a new color by mixing two or three or several particular shades. Now talking about the brown color shade, it is one of the tertiary or non primary colors but we can still mix it up with the primary colors to form several other color combinations. In order to mix brown paint in primary color resulting multiple new shades with it, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Mix Brown Paint in Primary Colors

How to Mix Brown Paint in Primary Colors

1. Muddy Opaque White Color:-

If I take a brown acrylic shade on a color mixing palette mixing it with the white color acrylic shade, it will result in an opaque Light brown shade. This shade can be bought in use to paint the color of mud, or simply anything in a painting which requires a light brown or muddy brown texture.

2. Add Red or Yellow to Make It Warmer Brown:-

If I put a significant amount of brown shade on my palette mixing shades of yellow or red to it with the help of my paint brush, it will result in a warmer brown color shade. This shade can be bought in use to paint tree stumps and their stem.

3. Add Blue to Make It Cool Brown:-

In order to give cool brown shade to any object, you can add blue color to it. This cool blue shade can be bought in use to paint objects in a scene of winters. The fallen leaves from trees, mountains etc. can be painted with this color.

4. Darker Brown:-

Darker brown shade can be bought in use to paint human Hair and dark wood with it. If you have to paint a tree uprooted from its base position, you can use this color to paint it. In order to make brown color a bit darker, you can mix a shade of blue or black to it in significant limited amount.

5. Chocolaty Brown:-

Chocolaty brown color shade can be prepared by mixing the red color or maroon color with the brown color. This color can be bought in use to paint simply everything which is chocolaty in nature. The choice of this color can be made according to your personal priority.

6. Make Experiments:-

You can make experiments based on your color choice of mixing. Just take a clean palette and start mixing shades of different colors. Note down the texture that results after mixing two particular shades and then use the resultant shade as a new color. The procedure is really simple and you never need to use a large amount of color in this process, but instead while making experiments with colors, you simply need to take a minor amount of color on your palette mixing it with the same minor amount of another color.


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