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How to Mix Bleach and Water to Kill Mold

How To Mix Bleach To Kill Mold


Chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach suits the best to kill mold. Mold can occur on your clothes, glass, tiles, tubes and even the walls of your house. Bleach serves to be the best mold killer and this is the only reason why most of the professional mold killer ingredients contain bleach as an active content. A bleach does not just only cleans the surface carrying the mold, but it rather even kills the bacteria and sanitizes the surface as well.  Bleach can kill mold on all such surfaces where mold occurs and in order to mix a specific kind of bleach to kill mold with it, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Mix Bleach and Water to Kill Mold

How to Mix Bleach and Water to Kill Mold

1. Ventilate The Area:-

First of all we will have to ventilate the area, allowing free air to be exposed to face. Now we can wear protective gloves in order to safeguard our skin against the damage that bleach can make if we use it without any protection. Wearing gloves and eye protection in such a time is the best protection idea.

2. Mix With Water:-

Now we either bring home a pre-diluted bleach chemical following the instructions written on its label or we can even make a home based bleach mixture by mixing  one cup of bleach per one gallon of water. This includes one part of bleach to ten parts of water.

3. Apply The Mixture Over Surface With Mold:-

Now, after making a perfect mix of bleach and water diluting it in a perfect manner, we will fill it up in a spray bottle or cloth or sponge to wipe off the surface with mold over it. Bleach can slowly destroy the cloth or soaking material that you use to wipe off the mold and thus you should adopt extra care while doing so.

4. Use Only Effective Bleach:-

Only effective bleach should be bought in use while doing so. Bleach loses its power with time and if bleach is more than three months old, you should never use it to wipe off the mold. After the passage of three months, approximately 50% of the effectiveness of a particular bleach gets lost and thus this is advised.

5. Be Extra Cautious:

Be extra cautious so as to not allow the gas from bleach make an adverse effect on you. This gas can damage your lungs. If it mistakenly touches your skin, it can cause severe irritation. The dioxins that some bleaches leave can cause cancer and thus every sort of care should be taken while using bleach in order to kill mold.

6. Go For The Substitutes If Possible:-

Alternative mold removal substances like vinegar or borax or any other less harmful substance should be bought into use if less harmful bleach is not available in your area. Avoid bleaches that leave dioxins and never use them even if they are available in your area to avoid of cancer and lung disorders. Follow the instructions and precautions very much carefully.


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