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How to Mirror Text in Microsoft Word

How to Mirror Letters in Word 2003


Microsoft word 2003 is an office suite program developed and distributed by Microsoft for their Windows NT operating system family. After its manufacture in the year 2003 in the month of October. Though this version is a bit limited as compared to Microsoft version 2007 and the further versions as most of the new features were not available that time, but still it is one of the best Word processing software available till date. One such features that Microsoft office provides is to mirror words in it. If you wish to mirror words with Microsoft word 2003, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Mirror Text in Microsoft Word

How to Mirror Text in Microsoft Word

1. Make Text Transformations with Word Art:-

First of all, click the option for WordArt provided within the menu options. Once you click the option for WordArt, you will get a small window on screen asking you to enter your text. Just enter your text and select from various text types and styles displayed on screen. Once you make the selection, text entered by you will get displayed on screen with the same specifications, color and texture.

2. Make Perfect Editing with Your Work of Words:-

Make any kind of changes with the shape, size and texture of your words and then keep positioning them in your Microsoft word file. You can make any amount of text experiments within a single Microsoft Word sheet. Once you get finished with your word editing experiments, we can change the orientation of your words as well.

3. Use the Flip Picture Tool:-

In order to mirror words in Microsoft Word-2003, the best way to be bought in use is the “Flip” function with the use of which, you can rotate your WordArt in such a way that it looks like its own mirror image. You can place two copies of same WordArt flipping one of them while keeping the other one as it is to give a perfect mirror effect.

4. Use Rotation Control:-

There is a rotation control feature in WordArt option of Microsoft Word-2003 and this feature can make you rotate the text entered within WordArt in such a way that it looks like its own mirror image with text in an inverted form. You will need to enter rotation angle as 180 degree in rotation control options to bring about this kind of effect possible with your work of WordArt within a Microsoft Word 2003 document.

5. Save the File:-

Once you succeed in making experiments with your work of WordArt by flipping or rotating it to make it represent its own mirror image, you can save the file afterwards. The saved file will have the text of WordArt in the form of mirror letters. You can also try downloading a mirror letter font in your Microsoft Word-2003 software to use text in a mirror image representing manner.


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