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How Does the Mind and Body work Together

how does the mind and body work together


Your body is basically a network of organs and your mind is basically a set of cognitive faculties that enables the systematic functioning of your body. All the human traits like consciousness, perception, working of organs, thinking, judgment, memory and even response to the stimuli are controlled by this faculty only. Most of people confuse mind as brain. Well, though mind and brain are interrelated terms, but actually, brain is one of the parts of the body while the mind is its mental faculty.

how does the mind and body work together

How Does the Mind and Body work Together

1. Know the Difference between Mind and Brain first:-

As I told you earlier, our brain is just an organ that serves as the center of the nervous system. Brain is located in the skull. It is composed of nerve cells and blood vessels. Now this brain is just like a computer C.P.U and mind is its window or you can say operating system. Our mind is the faculty that brings about the functioning of the brain and gives response to a specific stimulus after sensing it.

2. The Functioning of Brain:-

The function of an individual’s brain is to exert centralized control over the other organs of body say legs, hands etc. When you see a dog coming after you with sharp teeth in a mood to bite you, you automatically start running. It is your brain who gives you a command to run in such a situation and mind is the faculty which brings about the execution of this process.

3. Connection of Mind With Body:-

As I told you that function of brain is to exert centralized control over the other organs and mind being the faculty which helps brain in this process, we can easily adjudge connection of mind with body as a faculty which establishes a connection of brain with the body making it able to gain centralized control of the other organs. This is achieved through muscle activity by driving the secretion of chemicals called hormones.

4. How Mind and Body Work Together:-

Brain gains the centralized control of all organs and this centralized control allows it to perform quick and coordinated responses to changes that take place in the environment. For example, if you see a car just about to hit someone, you will immediately push that person aside saving yourself and him from the accident that could take place. This can be put forward as a best example of working of mind and body.

Here, the approaching car proves to be a stimulus. Your brain gets a signal that the car is approaching by your senses and mind being the controlling faculty of brain makes your body organs like legs or hands to push that person aside saving both of your lives. In case of a reflex action, the spinal cord mediates the responsiveness as well.

5. Achieving a Control:-

All the organs of body along with the senses like vision, smell, touch, hearing, taste etc. work as an employee for this brain and its faculty called mind. Whenever you taste something unpleasant, you immediately vomit it out, this is also one of the examples of functioning together of your mind and body as your sense of taste here detects what kind of food has been eaten, the organ called tongue helps in it and the faculty of your brain called mind brings about the action in the form of response as vomiting that happens to you.


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