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How to Milk a Goat with Kids

How to Milk a Goat with Kids


A goat is a four legged animal which is a close relative of sheep. There are over more than three hundred breeds of goat and most of them are known for the quality milk and meat that they provide. Goat’s milk is not just healthy for a new born baby, but it is also a healthy option for a person with falling count of blood platelets as well. Female goats are addressed as “Does” or “Nannies” and males are known as “Billies” or “rams”.  Goat’s milk is of a great value and when you milk a goat with your kids, it proves to be a great fun. In order to milk a goat with your kids, you can bring in use the following tips:-

How to Milk a Goat with Kids

How to Milk a Goat with Kids

1. Put a Treat before Goat in a Vessel:-

First of all, get the goat onto the milk stand. If you are at home, just let the goat be tied with a rope to any specific place of milking an ask the kids to stay behind you. Put a healthy treat before your goat so that she may be able to enjoy it and meanwhile we can begin the rest of milking approach.

2. Keep The Goat Tied While Milking:-

It is advised that secure the goat in the stanchion or keep her tied while milking as sometimes they can get agitated with even a single disturbing factor. Tell the kids not to make noise and tell them to stay behind you quietly without making any hustle.

3. Take a Water Vessel under the Goat:-

Keep two buckets ready in advance. One of these buckets will be the bucket where you will store milk and other should be the one that contains water for cleaning the goat. Before beginning milking the goat in the empty bucket, you should clean the goat’s udder and teats with water in the other bucket. It is better if the water is warm. Here out motive is to clean the under portion of the goat perfectly.

4. Use Your Fingers to Milk the Cow:-

Now, when our got has become clean, we can begin milking it by using our fingers. You can use three or all five of your fingers to milk the goat depending on the size of her teats. Just wrap your thumb and forefinger around her teat to milk it up while squeezing. Ask one of the kids to come ahead and squeeze the teat of goat towards his mouth. A spray of milk will soon fall upon his mouth and all other children will get happy watching this scene.

5. Treating the Stubborn Goats:-

Goats sometimes get stubborn and they start creating a disturbance when you try to milk them. In order to avoid such conditions, you should give a better treat to your goat. Besides this, you should leave some milk unlatched for the baby goat to consume it as it is its birthright to feed some of its mother’s milk in order to get nourished.


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