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What Is Mica And What Is It Used For

What Is Mica And What Is It Used For


Mica is a naturally occurring mineral that is based on a collection of silicate minerals. It is basically composed of various amounts of minerals like Potassium, Iron, and Aluminum etc and is found in a sheet or plate like structure that is basically flat, six sided and monoclinic in nature. The mineral content can thus be cleaved on thin films and as this is highly rich in silica, the sheets of this stone have the capacity to stay elastic and tough even in extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

What Is Mica And What Is It Used For

What Is Mica And What Is It Used For

1. Mica is an insulator and a birefrigerant:-

Mica is an insulator which means electricity cannot pass through it and thus it is used as an insulating agent in doing various things that require electric charge to be insulated. It is also used as a birefrigerant which means it is not constant and thus the optical and physical thickness of it would vary.

2. As a retardation device:-

Mica can also be bought in use as a retardation device in a way that it possesses an average refractive index and its visible spectrum is about 1.6. This naturally causes a kind of delay between two orthogonal elements of an input linear polarization which is why it can be bought in use as a retardation device.

3. Used in Gypsum Wallboard:-

Mica is mostly used in gypsum wallboard combined compound where it acts as wadding and prevents cracking. This usage of it in the gypsum based units makes it an ideal for all. Mica sheets are also used for various other combined purposes as well.

4. Used In Making Paints:-

Mica based products are also used in making paints and paint based products in a way that the usage of it as a pigment extender makes it helpful to brighten the tone of colored pigments. The colored pigments get brightened and thus look really appealing.

5. A Perfect Insulator:-

Mica based products act as a perfect insulator even in the process of thermal insulation and as an electrical insulator. The high thermal resistance makes it be able to be bought in use as an insulator in various electronic based gadgets and the abundance of silica makes it the best product to be used in various industries and also for personal usage.

6. Use in the Electrical Industry:-

The usage of mica in electrical industry is really counted. It is also used in making of toothpaste and cosmetics as well. The mica based sheets are also employed for the industrial purposes and thus it becomes of a great use in all fields of commercialization, science and technology.


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