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6 Ultimate Methods to Physically Torture Women

How to Physically Torture Women


First of all, let me tell you that all the creatures are the creation of same deity and they all deserve equal respect. Human may have learnt how to master everything but he can’t still customize the human emotions as the other creatures also feel bad, they also have emotions and even they cry when tortured physically. You should never adopt any measure to torture women and even the laws of any country do not permit such actions. It is totally cruel and inhuman, but still many ways are practiced since ages to physically torture women who can be described as follows:-

6 Ultimate Methods to Physically Torture Women

6 Methods to Physically Torture Women

1. Blackmail her:-

One of the top most ways to torture women physically is blackmail. People first put a bait in order to make a woman come to their talks and then blackmail her either with a video proof or photographs in order to use her as a sex slave and torture physically in several ways.

2. Interrogate Her for Long Periods:-

Some even choose the method of interrogation as a working way to torture women physically. Such people ask her questions related to her character and some even blame her to be a witch. The women are beaten mercilessly and in some of the cases she is even burnt alive.

3. Beat her or Violence:-

In most of the family based tortures, a drunkard husband comes drunk under the influence of alcohol and starts beating his wife like anything. This creates an environment of violence in the house and the one who tries to come in between to sort out the matter is also taken in the fire of revenge inviting another fight and violence for him as well. Not just women, but their children also have to suffer such kind of physical torture.

4. Let Her Keep Standing the Whole Day:-

When I was young enough to realize such topics, there was a teacher in our high school from whom I used to take coaching classes. He used to punish his own wife by giving her a punishment to keep standing the whole days with hands raised up. He did not fear to punish her even in the front of his students. Sometimes he would burn her hand with a cigarette and sometimes he will ask her to pick up a vessel with boiling water without any protection.

5. Forced Sex:-

Forced sex is another such type of physical torture that a woman is subjected to. In these cases, a person ties her hands around the bed, forcing her to keep lying and then he molests her physically by sexually using her private parts in order to satisfy his hunger.

6. Chain Her to Humiliate and Torture:-

In some other cases where a woman is forced not to make sex, but to humiliate her, a person chains her like a bitch and then she is taken out of the house in this condition only. In some other cases people beat her, drug her like anything and in some other cases make her blind in order to physically torture her.


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